Thanks to all the volunteers

fairegoldSeptember 8, 2005

Thanks to all the people who are taking the Red Cross and other volunteer training, leaving their nice jobs and cozy homes and safe families, and taking off to go where helping hands are needed. Thanks to all the people who have lost their homes, but they are spending their days helping out those who need help. Thanks to the people of the towns like Shreveport and Houston and large and small cities everywhere who are staying home to welcome the evacuees. Thanks to all the churches and schools who have opened their facilities and provided volunteers to help others. Thanks to all who write a check, or leave their change in the collection can at the grocery store.

Thanks to all who can do no more than offer their prayers to give strength and comfort and thanks to all the volunteers out there.

It takes "care-giving" to a whole different dimension, doesn't it? We who can't leave home and in fact, have safe homes, are still there in heart with all the volunteers who are there in person. Take time to thank a volunteer today!

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One of my dogs goes to a doggie day care, because he's very young and energetic and my mom has no tolerance for noise whatsoever, so to keep the peace, he goes (and absolutely loves it by the way). The owner of the day care has spearheaded a group and they have contacted the humane societies in the Gulf coast area and are taking in the homeless dogs to their facilities. They have no idea if the dogs are socialized to be a part of the day care, but they are getting crates donated and she has gotten the Vet that works with her to agree to donate his time and examine each dog and vaccinate them for free. She's also gotten her employees to agree to donate a nite and stay over at the center to watch over the dogs until they can adopt them out.
Thank you, Tracey, for your warm. wonderful, loving heart...

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Mimi, please thank Tracey for me, too. She's doing a good thing for both the people and the animals.

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