Will I regret downsizing to a compact washer

eleenaFebruary 6, 2013

I posted this on the Laundry forum but I am not getting any answers, so I am asking here hoping to get a better response.


Do you think it'd be a mistake to downsize from a 27" full-capacity washer to a 24" one with 2.3 cu ft capacity?

Space is less of a consideration as I am going to convert our utility room into a laundry room.

But I have noticed that I am always trying to wait for the clothes to accumulate before doing the laundry so I could fill the washer and it is not always a pretty view, LOL.

I feel if I had a small washer, I'd be more inclined to run it as soon as I have a few items needing to be washed.

What do you think?

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weigh your laundry. you'd surprised by how much volume 4, 5 or 6 kg of clothing occupies. the compact washers typically give usable capacity by weigh

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Could you please elaborate RE: "the compact washers typically give usable capacity by weight"?

I did not understand that, I am sorry.

They give the capacity, say, 2 cu ft or 2.5 cu ft. Not sure how it is related to weight.

Also, a dawn comforter may not weight all that much but it won't fit a compact washer, that I am sure of.


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With a more compact washer, you will be limited in terms of what you can put in it.

What size bedding do you have? What other larger items do you sometimes wash?

I often do smaller loads in my full-size washer because there is only my husband and myself in the house. Sometimes I wait and the loads are full.

However, when I want to wash our king sheets, king comforter, curtains, pillows, etc., I can do it without worrying about having enough space.

I would never go smaller. More often than not, size DOES matter. ;)

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I have always had a compact washer for 1-2 adults. Reduces wait to accumulate loads. Always washed a set of queen sheets and 4 pillowcases in one load. The effective dryer capacity is less and I break the sheet set into 2 dryer loads. Also heavy clothes - lots of sweats - need to be broken up into 2 dryer loads. I currently have a 24" GE front loader with dryer stacked.

The biggest issue is how low to the ground it is. They don't sell a base for it so I had a one drawer high (IKEA drawer) base built by a carpenter which was pretty simple. I also purchased very thin rubber, cut to size for the top of the washer so the dryer does not shift. It all works perfectly. It's been installed about 1 1/2 years.

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pretty much all the commercial laundry machines are rated by weight capacity, not volume. only the US seems to spec residential machines by drum volume and not by dry laundry wash weight capacity.

the latest bosch axxis washer is rated at 2.3 cu ft or 8 kg/17.6 #. my beat up old danby is rated at 1.62 cu ft or 10#. about the only thing that doesn't fit in the danby is a king sized comforter.

when i'm on travel, the local laundry mat charges by the pound. for a week's worth of laundry (colors and whites), i've yet to exceed 8# and it's quite a large volume.

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