Male external catheters

new-beginningSeptember 8, 2013

Have any of you tried this for your male care needing person? Is this better than Depends?

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I have never experienced the use of those, but it has to be better than diapers and I saw them recommended somewhere. I think it would be worth a try, but would talk to a doctor first if they are expensive to make sure you didn't waste your money. .

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they aren't expensive - about $20.00 to get one, the tubing, valve, leg bag, strap for leg bag. You can use one for 24-48 hours; the actual "condom" portion sells for less than $1.00 when purchased in bulk.

My issues: this is for my 100 yr old Dad
not certain he has the dexterity to apply it
apparently one needs a somewhat "rigid' penis in order to get the 'condom' portion on

Applying or getting him semi-rigid are not in my "job description"

that is why I wondered if anyone on the forum had any experience with this

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Well, I have used them at work (I am a nurse) and they are less than great. In theory they should be wonderful, but they can be difficult to apply satisfactorily (ie smoothly with a good adhesive "seal" all the way around), and they don't stay on well especially for someone who is very mobile. We always consider ourselves lucky if they stay on even 8 hours!

Now if your Dad is with it enough to monitor it, to avoid yanking on it or allowing the weight of the bag or movement of his legs to pull on it, it might work.

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My husband (and all the other recumbent bicycle riders) wear these for ultra-cycling events meaning 12- or 24-hours. He has some sort of glue/latex/gooey stuff that he has to apply first and let dry until tacky and then roll on the condom thing. It's not a lot of fun and I seriously doubt your dad would be able or even want to deal with it.
(The women's version requires shaving/waxing/lasering and lots of gluing all the way around - no way am I ever going to ride to that intensity!)

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