Jiminy Cricket Doll

csackettNovember 15, 2010

I have a 12" high jointed plaster of paris or something similar with painted surface - Jiminity Cricket doll. I found it in an old house when I was 6 and the owner said I could keep it. He has a damaged foot and no clothes. Has anyone ever seen one? I'll try to post a picture.

Thank you,


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My doll books are old 1987 lists a 10 in. Jiminy Cricket & 12 1/2 in. Pinnochio of composition with painted on shoes, by Knickerbocker Toy Co. They had felt clothes(Patrica Smith Doll Values) An HC book lists a Pinnochio doll as being composition head & body with wooden legs & arms & painted on clothes. If yours is really like plaster of Paris it sounds like it could be chalkware given as prizes at Carnivals. So I would do a search on "chalkware" & see if you can find it.

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I think it might be composition. I don't this was a carnival prize. It's really pretty. I'll check the size and try to get a picture up. Yes, the shoes were painted on. What is a book I can buy?

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Don't write off the chalkware dolls, some used to go for several hundred dollars so would be comparable with what the dolls of composition are going for or maybe even more. Some were very cheap looking others beautiful. Carnival glass was once considered junk too but most of my friends love the beautiful pieces they have! Pat Smith wrote books for years but she may have retired by now. At Borders I notice a lot of books are by British authors, not very helpful where I live, not many British dolls end up here. I have 1 Dean's Rag Doll & that's it. So look for book with Am. dolls or dolls by materials made from, leather, cloth ,composition, wood, rubber, plastic etc or by company name as Arranbee, Effanbee,Hasbro,Horseman, Ideal, Knickerbocker, Madame Alexander, Mattel, Vogue, Sun Rubber. 1 book I have has 1st half old French ,German & other dolls for probably late 1800-1930's then rest of book is more modern dolls like ones sold at toy stores when you were a kid. Don't get one that is full of "artist" dolls as they are like collector plates- only few people interested & modern dolls. Look through doll book before you buy it & see when it was published as values have probably gone down a lot with downturn of economy if it has a price guide in it or prices listed.. E-bay would help there & you might see a good selection of doll books there. Also most libraries have books on dolls, some you can check out, some you can't. For a price guide that is up to date you need to be able to see if it was published in 2010 or for 2011.

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