Urgent ? re wall ovens - Miele 4844 Classic vs. E-lux Wave Touch

MizLizzieFebruary 27, 2013

Well, I went off to purchase my 30" Wave Touch wall oven and warming drawer for about $3K only to discover the dealer just marked down a floor model Miele 4844 with a warming drawer and a microwave with trim kit. $2,995.

I know nothing about Miele ovens but all my friends w/Miele rave. No one has the oven, tho, and I know there have been temperature issues. This set up would ordinarily run more like $5,500 so it seems like a good deal. I will lose the temperature probe if I go Miele. My appliance guy, who I think is giving his honest opinion, thinks it is a no-brainer to choose Miele.

I have the rest of the day to decide, then my cabinet order goes in. I would welcome any thoughts and opinions. Is Miele over rated? Thank you.

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I would suggest you have your "No Brainer Appliance Guy" read the posts about the Miele ovens here, ASAP.

Then do some testing yourself, try opening the doors of both, try the glide out racks, look at the size of the readout and the size of the control buttons, look at the size of the window. Is the bottom of the oven removable? (Just in case the porcelain chips) ((It just lifts out on the Elux))--read the post on porcelain failures, particularly the Wolf,
I've had my Elux Icon Oven 7 years now, bakes great, fans are quiet (but check on the new ones), and it has never needed a service call, and the porcelain is still great.
Also the door as well as the glass is easily removable on the Elux, and the instructions for doing so are in the Operator's manual so one does NOT need a service call should the glass get dirty on the inside of the ouside glass (See the posts about this with the Bosch Ovens). The oven can be calibrated, +/- 35 F from the front panel but it came "Spot on" from the factory, and in fact I have not seen a single post where it was necessary to calibrate the Elux ovens, (but it's there, if you ever need it)!

One poster, "maybe rococogirl", was trying to help another poster who has Miele oven problems, that was nice of her!
However read her post, One has to be a "Rocket Scientist" oops "Oven Scientist" to get that thing to bake well, (IE) "paraphrashing", " at 350 and below do this, above 350 do this and so on and so ON"----- I'm 70, I just wanna push a button to bake or broil.
With my "Memory" I would end up with one of those things that Rhome baked, done on one side and raw on the other.

Good luck with your pending decision!!!!


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Thanks, Gary, for your input!!! I am very torn. I was settled on the Elux. The Miele has a nice clean look, and sounds like a bargain, but maybe not!

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We studied the Miele and Electrolux in depth and at length. We decided we much preferred the Electrolux. We thought the controls were nicer, it was easier to use, and we preferred the racks.

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ITA, Caliente63, on those racks. The appliance store could get me Miele racks for $185 but since I had to make a decision last night, I passed. I am going to stay the course with the Elux. I have loved it since the first time I saw it, and reviews rave about it. Thanks, all.

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But how do the two compare if you are a "snobby foodie" and /or real pastry/breads baker? Help!

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diab, my Elux has a handy bread proofing setting. It bakes evenly. Trust dodge59, as well the many other Elux users on GW, on this one. I would get a Miele DW, maybe even Miele induction cooktop (although someone did have problems with hers) but an Elux oven.

MizLizzie - Good choice! Hope you love it! That probe is a great thing, BTW.

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I understand it's no longer important for MizLizzie, but just wanted to reply here for diab123 or future readers . We installed a new Miele wall oven a little over two years ago and have nothing but great things to say about the way it cooks. We are big bakers (we make our own sandwich bread as well as pies, pizza, etc.) and have had no temperature issues. I read a lot of the older postings around this issue at the time we bought ours, and they seemed to be related to a setting. If you have it installed by an authorized Miele person, you shouldn't have any trouble. We mentioned those posts to our Miele person, and he showed us how that particular setting was set (it's not available on any of the regular user-accessible menus, you have to use some special key combination to get there).

One thing to note is that we have no experience with meat probes (we are pescatarians), so cannot comment on life with or without one.

If I had to complain about something, it would be the software and the menus (sometimes they're not as intuitive as I'd like), but I honestly haven't yet found any oven software that is as intuitive as the old dial I grew up with :)

I just thought I'd chime in with one positive vote for the Miele oven. It's like every other Miele appliance we've ever owned- it does exactly what it should do, does it well, and doesn't complain or break down.

Based on all the posts here, I'm sure the Elux is good, too! MizLizzie, you can pat yourself on the back and be glad to have that decision done and be able to move on to the next one :)

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Thank you! Good to have your reassurance here---I think this is the direction we are headed.

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