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mary_maxAugust 1, 2011

My husband has a friend from Denver who is in his late 90's. He asked my husband to take him to the town where he grew up and to see some of his family members. They traveled in this mans car and he paid for most of the gas. But my husband paid for his own hotel room and shared food expenses. We work very hard to save our money for our retirement years. I wanted to hear from you folks if you feel we should have to pay my husbands room and board. Shouldn't the older man pay this? He is not a relative and has ample funds to pay it.

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It would have been nice if the older man had offered to pay for the room. Perhaps he didn't think of it. But since he didn't, that's it! He didn't have to even share food expenses or most of the gas.

Your husband did a very nice thing. You should be proud of him, not complaining about what happened.

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It's a little late now. If there is a next time your DH can tell him that he really can't afford the expenses as he is concerned about having enough money for his own retirement as things are tight in this economy. That way if he really wants your hubby to take him he can offer to pay all expenses. otherwise your DH can bow out.

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Sounds to me as if all was done for benefit of the older friend with no benefit for your husband. Older friend should pay for all. "Friendship" should cover the time your husband took, but not the expenses, IMHO. Your husband should have been zero out-of-pocket for this courtesy.

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At his age it is possible him mind was not as clear as it would have been a few years ago. I would give him the benefit of the doubt out of respect for his age.

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My husband said he tried to get home as soon as possible so that the expenses would not be that great. He said it was very apparent this gentleman was disappointed that they didn't continue on the road for an extended time.

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that opened the door for him to say, I can't afford staying in hotels and eating out.

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