Glue plate glass together?

ururkNovember 4, 2011

A glass window in an antique china cabinet of mine shattered (~1920's). It had a painted design (I think silkscreened) that had worn away over time, so it had a neat 'antique' appearance.

The cabinet door is currently sitting on the floor, with all pieces accounted for.

So... besides having an identical piece made, is there a way I can (painstakingly) glue the broken glass to another piece of glass (a full sheet the same size as the original)? I read a bit online about uv, optically clear glues, but haven't seen anything that says this is doable or possible. I have the patience to glue each piece down.

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You can "do" it but I think it will look like a broken pane of glass glued together.
Linda c

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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do but Check over on the stained glass and mosaics forum here on Garderweb. They do a lot of glass on glass (GOG) mosaics and may be able to help with the proper adhesive.

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One thing I have noticed from doing it, sometimes the glass will not go back together perfectly because the individual pieces will have changed shape after breakage. Glass actually has its own internal stress from manufacture, and upon being broken the stress is relieved, Reassembly to the identical pre-existing shape isn't possible then, because there's no way to stretch the pieces to be put together.
This must sound crazy, unless you have seen it for yourself.
A superglue type works for glass, and epoxy to a lesser extent.
The accelerator spray they sell for superglue is great, lets you keep right on working.

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That makes sense (internal stress). I just went and transferred all the broken pieces to a flat piece of mat board. Everything fit together pretty well, so I don't think that will be a problem.

So... have you done this before with some success? And what glue did you use?



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You could glue the pieces to another sheet of glass, but the fracture lines will show, even if you use a water clear, gem repair epoxy. Also, it require good skill to get the pieces laid without trapping small air bubbles under the pieces. After the job is finsihed, the surface may not be smooth. If it is not smooth, you could risk cuts by running a finger across the surface. Any kind of polishing/grinding operation to smooth would wipe out the pattern you are trying to preserve.

Sooo, if the pattern is reversible, try gluing with the pattern side down trapping it between the two layers of glass. It may create a nice effect, and the surface of the finished piece could be polished with polishing compound without affecting the pattern.

Any antique value the glass may have had is lost. An alternative would be to find a local artist who could etch or otherwise decorate a piece of glass for you. Folks who build clock cases often can decorate glass.

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