"Arabesque" shaped wood-like tile for powder room?

mratnerFebruary 7, 2013

Hi, everyone...

having taken a couple years off after renovating the kitchen, we are ready to do the small (tiny!) powder room by the foyer. We'd like to have continuity with the kitchen, so will use the same stained cabinets as on the island, same New Colonial Dream granite and Jerusalem Gold limestone subway tiles for the lower sections of the walls.

The floor, however, presents a dilemma. The theme for the powder room is going to be Moorish; we'll use Moroccan lanterns, ceiling decorations and tile borders. But doing the floor in Moroccan tiles would be too much, as they tend to be busy.
So we probably would want to put ceramic tiles on the floor that would match our house hardwood floors, but I would still like to do something interesting with tile shape.

This spectacular wooden floor would fit the bill perfectly, but I don't think wood in this shape will work as a bathroom (or even a powder room) floor.

Can anyone suggest a source of wood-like tile in a similar, or another "arabesque" shape?

Great thanks in advance,

-- MR

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The Jamie Beckwith product is the only shaped wood tile that I am aware of. Why don't you think it would work? The size of the tile? I think it could with a careful layout.

Ann Sacks makes cement tiles (Hacienda) in a few sizes of Arabesque and a number of colors including some browns. Maybe these could be further stained and sealed to match your wood floors.

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Thank you... no, the reason I thought "real wood" tile would not work in a bathroom is because of moisture getting into all these beveled gaps. Do you think that's not an issue?

I'll look at Ann Sacks tile, thanks.

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There should be no more moisture in a powder room than in a kitchen. Maybe less if you consider dishwasher steam and potential leaks or icemaker leaks. If it were a bathroom I would feel differently but I don't think a powder room should be an issue at all.

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I have hardwood in my powder room and its fine. That floor is drop dead gorgeous!

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We went back and forth and finally put wood in our powder room. It seemed to us that the toilet was the main issue, and our sons are well past the playing in the toilet age -- not that they ever did the things you see on TV, in commercials, etc. For us it was occasional water drips at the sink (small rug in front of the vanity) or the toilet leaking. We put in a new toilet with a new, upgraded seal and made sure it was seated well. We also made sure we had some extra wood (full box plus what was left of another) just in case. We have the same wood on most of the first floor. We will still be sunk in case of a big flood, but any minor issues should be able to be repaired without any matching concerns.

With that gorgeous tile, you would need less extra material to go around the base of the toilet than you would planks. I would put it in a powder room. If you are still hesitant, what about insetting a "rug" of the wood tile into a ceramic or stone tile floor so that the wood is not sitting around the toilet or even right under your sink. Just a thought....

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Wow! That arabesque wood is really lovely. I'm sorry I don't have any feedback on what wood is like in a powder room, but I just wanted to comment on how amazing the product looks.

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I've had brazilian cherry in my master bath and in the downstairs public powder room, been in 15 years or so. Not a worry.

I wouldn't recommend a wood floor in a kids bath.

If you're set on tile and shape (wood-look tile and arabesque), figure your square footage. Find a place that can cut tile with a water jet. The can cut standard "plank shaped" wood-look tile into any shape you desire. You'll have a fair amount of waste, but you can minimize that with size and layout. But you'll have the look you want.

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Thanks to all who responded. I've decided to bite the bullet and get the Jamie Beckwith product.

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If you wouldn't mind, what is the price/sq ft. on the arabesque?

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If I may make a recomendation...since it's a glue-down floor, take a look at Bostik's urethane flooring adhesives.

It is the best line of adhesives I've ever used for gluing own engineered wood flooring..

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I like Bostik's thinset too:)

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That's because you are person of dignity and grace. And one of obvious intelligence. Add to that the fact that you can tile a mean herringbone pattern, and well...there you go!

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Thanks mongoct, your are so kind. But, you failed to recognize that I can set a mean lippage too! (cause I got some lippage goin' on)

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@palimpsest It's $40/sq.ft

@mongoct Thanks for the recommendation on Bostik.

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