Antique Rocker needs Identifying.

LanceChaseNovember 17, 2013

Here is a picture of a,What I think is antique ,Rocker. Can anyone verify this for me? Also can anyone give me a name,style,year of it? Thanks Lance

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Jacobean revival, possibly 1880s but could be later. The simplicity of the back makes me think it is later -- 1910-1920s. Earlier ones usually had carved crest rails.

Is the cane hand-woven or is it pressed? Show us a close-up of the edge of the cane.

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It is Pressed Cane. It also seams that the runners are 2 piece length wise.

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I agree completely with the age and style. Can you tell if the seat were leather or upholstery? I can't tell by the picture. Can you elaborate about the seat since the picture does not give a lot of detail. Look under it and relay what you see, or if possible snap another picture of it.

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All that is left on the chair is the stuffing and under covering. I can tell you all that the spring system is 4 separate coil type springs. One in each section of the chair if it was divided into 4 sections. Now another question is, What would this chair be worth and does anyone have any links to pictures of what it looked like new?

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So can anyone give an estimated value of this chair as is & or fixed?

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Lance, the value is so dependent on your location that it is hard for one of us to give a value. I would say that it has a lot of style, which gives you an advantage. If you can do the work yourself, it would sell much more quicklly and at a much better price if you replace the cane, freshen up or refinish the wood, and reupholster the seat in a neutral fabric.

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