KA KUDE60 3rd Rack Drooping

monicakm_gwFebruary 4, 2014

Any KA repairmen lurking??? I need to know if anyone else has had this problem with their KA dishwasher that has the 3rd rack (top) for utensils. I use mine for silverware. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dishwasher! After almost 5 years it's still my favorite appliance EVER. But, it has one flaw and the repairman said it's going to happen again and again no matter how many times he replaces it. Over time, the top rack has starts to droop. It's very minimal but it doesn't take much. The problem with this is when I want to raise the middle rack. Items in the middle rack will hit the bottom of the top rack. This sometimes results in the top shelf rack being dislodged and it's contents falling. Repairman said due to the material it's made of and lack of support in the rails, it's going to continue to happen until they change the how they make them. My dw was purchased in June of 2009. I can't be the only lucky one this has happened to. It's happened with the original rails and a replacement set. I'm on my 3rd set.

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