Frigidaire Pro All Ref/Frz Handles

MichelleDTFebruary 19, 2012

I am considering these units for my my pantry but can't view them locally. Looking online the handle looks tubular not curved. If you have these units, are the handles curved or straight. This is the best view I can find online and they look straight.

If you have pictures, would you kindly post?



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Ask and ye shall receive. The handles are not straight, they are more like bowed. The handles are also not symmetrically tubular. There's kind of a tear drop shape going on. I've seen these handles on other Frigidaire Pro refrigerators, like their SxS. If you have an HD or Lowes near you and they have any Frigidaire Pros on the floor, the handles are probably similar, if not the same.

Here's a side view showing the bowing:

The closer view showing the contours:


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Oh and here's one more picture from the top showing the teardrop-like contours I was trying to describe:

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Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed as they are not as bowed as some of the brands.



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