Found a marble top table in the trash...any insights?

mpmg46November 30, 2012

I originally posted this in the Decorating Forum, and it was suggested I pop over here to get some feedback.

My folks have a similar table that was my grandmother's. Theirs dates back at least the early 1900's. So I'm guessing this is from a similar time?

When I got the table the marble was sticky and filthy and one of the legs was broken. I haven't done anything to the finish, and am not sure if I should. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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I am having refinishing questions myself, but I wanted to say that it is a lovely table.

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Nice for a freebie! Walnut, Eastlake influence, 1880s-1910s.

The marble can be cleaned with any commercial marble cleaner if you haven't already, although starting with soap and water and a scrubbing sponge might get the worst of it off.

As for the wood - If you want to clean up the finish, try this method.

Then apply a coat of wipe-on polyurethane to keep it from getting grunged up.

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Thanks for the info on the table, lazygardens.

I was able to clean much of it with diluted white vinegar.

I will check the link for wood cleaning. Thanks again!

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Vinegar will etch and dull marble.

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