How is everyone?

lindajewellAugust 14, 2008

I was just sitting here thinking about all of you and wondering all ya'll are doin'? My life is about the same, running to see mom and my brother and taking care of dad. Dad has really taken to his "Daddy Day Care" and in fact told my mom last night "I was at Daddy Day Care today" LOL! He continues to help me when he can, I really worked him Monday helping with the laundry, his job was to take stuff out of the washer and put in dryer, then put the next load in washer. I kept an eye on all and folded everything when done.

Dad did help make the beds and then I got him in the shower so he could crawl in to a nice clean bed with a nice clean body when it was time to go to sleep.

After all that I put him to work cleaning the green beans for dinner.....he did great job!

The link is to an album I put at Kodak, you can see my dad cleaning the beans!

Anyway, please check in!! Now ya'll know a little about what has been going on with me, what's goin' on with you?

Linda J

Here is a link that might be useful: A few pictures

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Lovely pictures! Your Dad looks at peace. That's worth a lot.

We haven't been doing much lately. It's either been very hot or rainy. And after the rain, it's steamy. Today meant a trip to the library. I don't know how we would make it if it we didn't like to read and fiddle with the computers. What on earth did old coots like my husband and myself do before the computer and cataract surgery!!!! I can imagine major terminal boredom.
take care

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Yes, my dad does look at peace doesn't he? I am going to print a few of the pictures I have and frame them for my brother and mom. my brother will be 60 next Thursday, when I mentioned this to my dad he said "when the heck did he get THAT old?" LOL!!!!!!!
Mom is still trying to get us to come all the time but I have now learned how to ignore her. We go and visit when I don't have nine million other things to deal with.

I just bought 3 new books yesterday so I will be set for a little while. And I agree, what did people do before computers?

I see we have another person posting the same link on more than one post..............

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Yeah, I noticed the link too. However, take a look at the (My Page) for the poster. It could be that English is not the first language in which case, there may be a lack of understanding about how and what to post.

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Lovely pictures. And, yes, your dad looks very content. That in itself is a real blessing. Take care of yourself.

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Thanks shambo, but how are you doing? I can see now that I am not doing as well as I thought......just noticed there was another thread with the same subject! My head is not always on straight! LOL!!

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I loved the pictures of your dad and your beautiful garden and wildlife. I felt peaceful and content just viewing them! I especially love the picture of your father's hands - definitely one worth framing and sharing.

I'll share one quick story about my sweet dad. Before he had cancer, he had always been a "manly" man - very robust, larger than life character, athletic, etc. As his cancer progressed, he was unable to enjoy most of the things he loved - a cold beer and a good steak (loss of taste); golf (too weak); reading Sports Illustrated (we had given him a subscription and renewed it for almost 35 years.) It broke my heart when he told me not to bother renewing it. I guess it was the chemo fog or the illness, but he just didn't enjoy reading toward the end. Even his hearing suffered.

So, my mom came up with this brilliant idea - which was a treat for them both. Every couple of weeks they would go for a manicure and pedicure - he absolutely loved it. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with men having these - but the vision of my dad having one just always seemed funny to me. He's been gone almost two years, but our mother still talks about how much it relaxed him and how it made her so happy to see him feel good.

So for my birthday, Mama treated me to a manicure and pedicure (my first pedicure in my life) and I can totally understand why Daddy looked forward to them.

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What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it here, it is a short story filled with love. I have never had a pedicure either........maybe I should take dad and I both for one.
I was thinking of making the picture of my dad's hands the center picture of a collage.

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linda, thanks. I agree, your dad's hands would be the perfect focal point of your collage.

As far as the pedicure goes, it's so great, I think you and your dad would love it, too. I had always been hesitant to have one, because I just have never been crazy about my feet. They're big (size 9's) and my toes are so long.....enough said, huh?

As soon as they put my feet in the water, I totally relaxed and whatever stress I was feeling was swept away. I was so at ease I forgot to turn on the massager chair (Mama said that was one of her favorite parts!) They massage your calves and ankles and toes - oh, it was wonderful. Manicure was nice, too, but pedicure was the best! My mom lives 3 hours away, but we might just have to make this a regular date when we visit each other.

Now, back to your photos. You live in a paradise - what part of the country do you live? Everything is so fresh and green - here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, flowers are fading. In fact, I went to my favorite nursery yesterday (the owner's daughter writes for a local magazine and said how gardening and visiting nurseries help with depression.) Usually that's the case, but what little they had left for the season looked as bad as my yard! I did find a few things - some gerber daisies, a hanging basket of yellow lantana, and a small pot of miniature geraniums.

Last of all, those precious deer in your yard! One of God's most beautiful creations. The best I can come up with here are little rabbits that love our area, followed by raccoons and snakes!

Better run. Sorry for the rambling. Have a great weekend.


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I live in PA, we have had lots of rain this summer so that is why things look green. Normally at this time of year the grass is brown and the flowers are fading, unless I run up the water bill!
Yes, deer are beautiful, but if you think your gardens look bad now, you should see what the deer can do to them in the matter of a day! I spray a lot of stuff with a product to keep them away, but even that does not always work. Had some daylilies that the babies chomped on, only ate half the bud so the flowers still opened but were, well, only half!

Linda J

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The deer are great, but I love the picture of your Dad's hand. A nice shot with the wedding ring. I am glad things are going well for you.

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Linda, thanks for asking about my situation. My 93 year old mom is in an assisted living facility but her mental capabilities are pretty much gone now. I visit her regularly but our interaction is limited to talking about the weather. I always bring her a cookie to munch on while I'm there, so we spend some time talking about how good it tastes. She doesn't remember family members or incidents from the past, can't read the newspaper she gets daily, and doesn't watch any TV. Many times she doesn't even remember where she is. My biggest concern is that she'll eventually have to be moved to the memory care wing and I'm afraid it will be too traumatic for her.

The idea of a pedicure/manicure day for you & your dad is great. I bet it would be fun & relaxing.

Thanks for checking in on us.


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Linda - I am so glad you are 'ignoring' Mom when she gets too demanding and that you managed to get brother and Mom in the space place - I am certain it is making life much easier for you.

Loved the pictures of your backyard. My in-laws lived in Kerrville TX and in the winter the deer just roamed thru town eating vegetation from everyone's yards.


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