help identify this glass maker

janofmnNovember 30, 2009

HELP please.

I bought a clear rose colored glass dish at a sale. It resembles a plate that has 2 sides brought up to look like the flat baskets you would gather cut flowers in.

there is a symbol of a 'treble clef ' on the bottom center of the dish. The dish reminds me of depression era glass but I don't think it is that old.

Does anyone know who made this?

Thanks so much.

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Sounds like a "banana boat"....but we need pictures to really ID it.
Linda C

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Is it a treble clef or could it possibly be something that looks like a cursive L?

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Not an I G with 1 imposed over the other, that is Imperial Glass. Viking had a lot of vases, rose bowls but they had clear sticker on them. Is it completely plain or is there a design etched? A.H. Heisey made unusual items but their molds were sold to Imperial in 1958. Both companies are gone now. pic would sure help.

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how do I post photos on here?

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Go to Photobucket or another picture sharing site and follow their directions.
Linda c

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Here are the photos. Not very good but you will get the idea.
Thanks for you help so far!¤t=ac006.jpg&newest=1

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Embarrassing though it is.....I never saw that mark and can't find anything about it on line....sigh.... LOL!
The dish looks like depression glass in the form....I can't get a good picture of the color...but it looks like that depression glass pink.
I have a huge list of who DIDN'T make it...Jeanette, anchor hocking, Fenton, Fostoria, Imperial, Heisey....
Well you get the idea!
I believe it dates to about 1930 to 1950...not sure if it's american....a picture showing the color will be a better indication....and I think it's a very nice piece. It's commonly called a Banana Bowl...yes made form the mold of a plate that has had the sides pushed up while it's still not set. It was used as a center piece for a table usually with fruit....and I'll bet there were candle sticks to go with it.
Sorry I can't put a name on it.
Linda C

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Linda C
thanks for your input. I will post a couple more photos later, after I finish my salad;)
Thanks again,

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