Bluestar range - grate adjustment "fix"?

brianmeekFebruary 21, 2013

Hello there,

I'm a 95%-happy Bluestar gas range top owner...

My only frustration is in adjusting the grates to be level - and to stay that way! I've got the 36" 6-burner model, and under each of the 6 grates there are 4 adjustment screws to get them all level.

All the adjustment screws are so loosely-threaded that they inevitably turn from the normal vibrations of use... So, I'm looking for a pliable, non-toxic ("food-safe"?) form of lock-tight (or something). I've thought about scoring the threads on the screws so they don't turn so easily, but that seems extreme.

Any of you Bluestar-owner enthusiasts share my pain in this respect? Any suggestions?


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Medium strength Loctite will do fine. It's designed to allow adjustment/disassembly.

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Hi-temp silicone caulking.

Probably more "food safe" than Lok-Tite.

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Neither loc-tite nor ho-temp silicon is food safe. No worry, because food you eat won't be touching the feet, let alone the undersides of the grates. Either will work, but I'd be inclined to go with Loctite because (a) it was made to go in engines which get really hot and (b) is easier to find that high temp silicon.

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I've had a Bluestar 36" 6 burner range for the last 2+ years.
The adjustment screws on my range also seem to be loose but I haven't had any problems with them moving after I adjusted them.
I'd try the medium strength LocTite or I might call Bluestar to see if they have a solution.

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Thanks for the suggestions - I read the material safety datasheet for the loctite, and given this use case, I'm not particularly worried about food safety - it even states: "Not expected to be harmful by ingestion" (and there's no chance of ingestion).

So I went in to my local Home Depot and they were out of the "Threadlocker Blue" (medium strength), then I went online and ordered a tube of the "Threadlocker Purple" which is "low strength" and well regarded.

@willtv - glad to hear you're not experiencing this issue. it seems I've adjusted these screws several times now... Perhaps it's happening when we pull the grates to clean, a damp towel rubbing the side of one of these screws will spin it, but it seems to go out of adjustment in normal use (we don't actually clean under the grates all that often :-).

I did call the folks at bluestar, and the fellow I spoke to said he hadn't heard of this issue before and had no suggestions. He said they typically screw all of the adjustment screws down all the way, then adjust some upward as necessary. However, this leaves the surface of the grates about a quarter-inch below the stainless side rails, and I prefer that grate surfaces be level with the rails, so perhaps this adds to my problem...

Anyway, I expect to get things set perfectly (literally) with the purple loctite :-). Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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I've noticed this too. I get them exactly level (both true level and relative to each other) and then, inevitably, a few days later they're out of whack again. It's like there's a grate ghost messing witht the level at night. Or just general use. I need a solution too - getting tired of adjusting them and I think level really matters. Nothing worse than all the oil in a pan gathering in one spot.

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@keitel - exactly!!! I love this range, but I'll love it more when I get it all dialed in perfectly level (once and for all). I'll try to come back and share how it worked out with the purple loctite (Amazon permalink below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Loctite Purple Low Strength Thread Locker Tube

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Success! The project took a few hours since I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean things along the way.

The one small tube I link to below had plenty of loctite for all 24 screws, I found that the following sequence worked best:

- unscrew all adjustment screws nearly all the way.
- adjust one of the front corner grates to be perfectly flush with the side rail (my preference) and level.
- Remove the adjusted grate, and find something of the correct thickness to use as a bushing for setting all screws to the same level (the bushing thickness equal to the space between the support rail and the screw head).
- apply a generous drop of loctite to each screw's threads as you "tighten" each down to loosely touch your bushing (then move the bushing to the next screw, etc.).
- If your support rails are uniformly level, you should only need to make very minor adjustments as you put the grates in place and verify that each grate's corners are level in all directions and there's no wobble - one of my support rails had been bent down in the middle during shipping, so although it had been mostly straightened out, I still needed to make quite a few turns of the screws get the grates all perfectly level and solid.
NOTE: the loctite remained pliable enough for me to get all of the grates about right while turning the screws with my fingers, although the last few fine adjustments required the use of a screwdriver.

One day later, and everything remains exactly right. Yes :good:

Here is a link that might be useful: Loctite Purple Low Strength Thread Locker Tube

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Glad to hear the Loctite worked out.
BTW, nice backsplash.

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Well I don't set my grate bowls up that high. but it does look kinda cool. I have used J.B. Weld on the top grates (not the bowl) when they start to rattle from heat warp. I just flip the grate over and spread a thin layer on the outside end that seems high.

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@alexr - I guess my preference for having the grates level with the side rails (which in-turn are level with the counter tops) wasn't formed through much thought. It just seemed the way things should be when I installed the range...

After talking with Bluestar and hearing that they start with the adjusting screws all the way down, I tried this as I awaited the Loctite. Could be my imagination, but it seemed that my burners were hotter than usual on simmer... Then I realized the pans were about a centimeter lower to the flame. Seemed to make a difference (and there's no problem on higher heat settings, of course).

It also feels like the cleaning is easier while they're flush with the counters.

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Another advantage of cranking the grates up a bit is that you get better clearance at the back for large skillets.

I suspect that that height is also better when using a wok with the grate center removed.

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Late to the game here, but could you put washers under the screws to raise them to the desired height? That would eliminate the need to use any chemical solution. Just a thought.

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