Clothes for Constricture

iread06August 28, 2011

My mother is in a nursing home and has constricture of her arms and hands, which means it's difficult for her to move her arms away from her body without pain. She also has very thin skin, which is prone to skin-tears. I've been buying her long-sleeved or 3/4-sleeved t-shirts in an XL, but, as her constricture worsens, it's getting more and more difficult to dress her. Could you suggest some sort of blouse of shirt that's very soft and very easy to get on and off.? I'd appreciate any ideas.


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Is she in a wheelchair, or is she still able to walk about?

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Check out this website. It has a lot of choices for disabled and elderly clothing. I bought the side closure pants for my mother -- both the zippered kind and the velcro kind. She was frail and had difficulty getting regular elastic-waist pants over her Depends. (A real problem when she needed to go to the bathroom.)The side closure pants made it so much easier for her. Silvert's also has a good selection of clothing for those who are wheel-chair bound. Perhaps you could find some clothing that would meet your needs. I realize that their products seem expensive, but the pants were a blessing for my mom and worth the extra cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silvert's

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Here's another source for adaptive clothing. I also bought pants from them for my mom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buck & Buck

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The reason I inquired about a wheelchair is that when my mother was in a NH, Many of the patients in the chairs had on a sort of Muu-Muu type gown that opened down the back. It was easy to slip over the arms from the front and then they fasten the top in back. The sides, were then just tucked around the patient.

Of course, this wouldn't do if she were still up and about. But an open down the back top, if she had someone to fasten it for her, might be the easiest to get over her arms. She would not have to move them but just a little.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try both websites. Mama is in a wheelchair and because of her thin-skin, they have to use a lift to move her. She can no longer talk, is quite hard of hearing, and has some degree of dementia (difficult to know how much with so little communication). She's 96.

I worry about the simple, open down the back tops because I fear she will be too cold. We have shawls for her, but some of the substitute CNA's seem to believe if they aren't cold then the residents aren't cold. I think I'll have to try the tops anyhow.

It isn't easy, is it? Thanks for your help.

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Just wanted to add that I've now had time to look at the 2 websites and have ordered some adaptive pants, undershirts, and tops. Thanks again for your suggestions!

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Pat, I hope they work for you. When I first ran across both sites, I was amazed at the variety of nice adaptive clothing for women. I never realized there were so many choices available to fit so many different needs.

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