Life Line for elderly Mom

joyce58August 9, 2006

We have just gotten my husband's Mom a "Life Line' since she lives alone and has fallen a few times.

We paid an initial installation fee and then $40 pre month.

I see on TV that there are other products like this , one being Guardian Alert 911. There is a one time charge and connects to 911 while my Mom-in-laws connects first to a neighbor and then 911.

Does anymone have any experience with either or a recommendation?



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Lifeline and a couple of other companies have a long, proven track record. My Mother had LifeLine, and so does an 83yr old friend. One of the great values of your lifeline system is that your MIL speaks directly to the call-center attendant, and can voice (if she can) her condition. This can be very valuable if she gets disoriented or is otherwise ill. The LifeLine people can call 911 if needed, or they can call a neighbor or you or someone else, if necessary. Sometimes a full 911 response is not necessary. The unit also works as a speaker-phone with remote answering, My friend uses her LifeLine to check in every day. If she does nto check in, they call HER.

Sorry, but the other service sounds a little cut-rate.

You do not always need to call 911. I am not sure that I understand from your description exactly how the other Guardian ALert 911 really works. If it only calls 911, then no, I would not recommend it.

But $40 a month for LifeLine gets a lot of one-on-one personal service for the monet, which can be invaluable for the elderly.

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Please check out exactly how the systems work. One of the really 'big' national brands has their offices a few miles from me. Used to be, if you had to call someone--it was someone in our area, but recently, they've shifted to using cheaper overseas operators. Do you really want to rely on hoping that someone in India or some third world country--who may have limited command of the English language--is going to know who to call, is going to do it, and is going to be able to make themselves understood in an emergency where sometimes seconds are important?

Just be sure you know how the calls for help will be routed. If they're going out of the country, I'd have serious reservations about counting on the system doing what it's supposed to. And if you do find a company that uses domestic operators, be sure to check from time to time, to make sure they haven't changed that practice and started outsourcing.

I know we all want to save money, but cut-rate care for our elderly is NOT the way to do it, IMO, but some of these companies who used to be good, are now going with cheaper options to up their profits.

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Check with your local hospital. Some of them have their own Alert Systems/Life Lines for the elderly. They are manned 24/7 with hospital personnel in our area.

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Thanks for all your advice and support...We are definitely sticking with Life Line ( but had to ask about the others anyway).

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PLEASE...if you do nothing else, please read this.

My mother just passed. She attempted to call me (daughter) and the phone was off the hook. LifeLine DOES NOT WORK when the phone is off the hook.

If you are a caregiver of an elderly person please stress for them to PRESS THE BUTTON FIRST and not try to call because if the phone is off the hook, LifeLine does not work.

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