Can I have a frameless shower door opposite the shower head?

debbie1000February 2, 2013

We're finally going to re-do our 25 year old guest bath!

It has a small shower with the shower head opposite the shower door so that the water aims at the door. It is tiny but sort of long and skinny so we cannot move the shower head to another wall.

There are three walls and a framed shower door. Can we have a frameless shower door on the re-do or will it leak since there is not a frame to keep the water in?

Could we have a plastic strip attached to the door to help keep the water from splashing out or just have the shower head redirect the water more directly down than at an angle?


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Yes you can using the plastic strips your speaking of. You will still have some water leakage with the shower head spraying directly on the door, you will never stop it completely on this type of set up. Even framed would leak more than likely.

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We have a frameless shower door with seal. It's a really tight seal and this morning I pointed our handheld directly at it to see what would happen. Water shot through. So, while it works great when the shower head is on the wall at 90 degrees from the door, I would say it isn't going to work with a shower head opposite the door.

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We have a shower head opposite the door of our (completely) frameless shower enclosure. I would NEVER do this again! Every solution we and the glass company have come up with since 2003 simply makes it worse.

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I hate to be argumentative, but the plumbing code prohibits installing a shower head were it points at the door.

IRC(International Residential code) IRC 2705.1

UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) UPC-412.11

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There you go, proof that it is such a bad idea it is not allowed by code!

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It's a 25 year old house and we aren't the original owners. Wonder how it passed code when it was built? Maybe it wasn't code then? Is it the same in all states?

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Certainly that code must allow for size exemptions. Our showerhead is across from our frameless glass door (so it points at it) but our shower is 5 feet long by 3.5 feet wide, so unless we're cleaning the shower with the handheld, the water never gets near the door safe for a tiny bit of overspray. No leaking issues other than when we clean the shower and they are very small if I just pull the door tight when I'm rinsing that area.

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Can you switch to a rain head from the top of the shower instead of coming off a wall? Then, it points straight down.

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