Off-centered sink in 36" vanity?

may_flowersFebruary 9, 2013

Is a 36" vanity too small to pull off the off-centered sink look? 36" vanities come standard with two drawers--to get three, I have to buy a 12" drawer cabinet and a 24" sink base. The undermounted sink will be 15" wide, leaving about 16" of lovely counter space from the edge of the sink to the wall. Not splitting the counter space with a sink is a big plus! The light fixture will be centered over a framed mirror about as wide as the cabinet, and the sink and faucet will be off-centered. Will this look okay?

Sometimes they bow the sink base to differentiate it from the drawer cabinet, but mine will be a straight front in a traditional style. I plan to order it through a semi-custom cabinet line, yet to be determined.

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Just got back from looking at the one Home Depot has on sale. I couldn't find a link to the one we looked at, but it has similar proportions to this one, only it had 3 functioning drawers, and I believe it may have had a molded sink into the top. It was on sale for $399, which included sink, top, cabinet and mirror. I thought it was very good value for someone. But this gives you a look at how the sink will look off-centered. When dealing with tiny vanities, I think every useable inch is a bonus!

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot 36 inch vanity

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That's cute! The advantage to that style is the drawers and doors are at the top because there's no panel. The off-centered sink works because it has a washstand look.

I like the off-centered sinks in photos, but when I saw the Kraftmaid 36" at Lowe's with everything centered, it seemed to make more sense for a traditional vanity. I think it's the off-centered faucet that's bothering me.

Thanks for the photo, Raehelen.

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Did the one you saw at HD have a drawer in the bottom of the sink base? I remember seeing that a few weeks ago.

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You know, I don't remember. Should have taken a pic with my phone. Wonder why it's not showing up online. I think the cupboard part had a shelf but no drawer. I am looking for one to store all my towels, so I looked inside, and was thinking of using baskets, but then we also looked at a kitchen cabinet place, and I may be mixing my vanities up!

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