Best Dinner Plate Size for Layered Look

boysrus2November 17, 2010

I would like to add some plain white dinner plates to my china pattern for the holidays. I really want to simplify clean-up after the holiday meals. My Lenox Eclipse china is not dishwasher dry safe due to the gold scrollwork and rims. I am considering the Macy's Hotel Collection white bone china and the dinner plate is 11.5" wide. Is this a good size for the layered look or is it too big? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Don't know what you mean by the layered you mean using a charger, service plate with a soup plate on top? If so that's going to be way too big for a dinner plate, more service plate or what my pattern calls a "buffet plate".
I would look for a smaller plate.
And will an 11 1/2 inch plate even fit into your dishwasher?
Linda C

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The layered look I was thinking about would be a white dinner plate with a colorful salad plate on top from a different china pattern. A charger is a nice idea but something else I'd need to buy. I'd like this option for the future.

Linda, I just checked and 11.5" will fit in my dishwasher, but will a salad plate from another pattern look lost on this size plate? Should I be looking for a 9.5" or 10" dinner plate instead for more versatility? If so, any recommendations for nice white dinnerware for special occasions that won't break the bank.

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Depends on the size of your salad plate....and how you serve your dinner. If you serve the salad first and then remove that plate, then go for the layered look, if you are like our family, we set a salad plate to the left, which also doubles as a bread and butter plate and never do a layered look unless we are serving in courses and removing the plates in between. A 9 1/2 inch plate in my dishes is called a luncheon plate....and "dinner" fills it to overflowing.
I have a set of Mason's Vista in pink....and it has a bazillion sizes of plates. There is a bread and butter which I think is 5 inches, a pie plate a salad plate a larger salad plate, a luncheon plate a 10 inch dinner plate and a 10 1/2 inch plate called a buffet plate.
I think a smaller plate would be more versatile.
Linda C

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Thanks for your insight Linda! It really helped.

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Go over to the Holiday forum as they have tablescapes all the time & set beautiful tables! They will tell you exactly what you need! And colors that look good with your China! Linda gave good advice but over on that forum you see all the beautiful settings the ladies do. Pics do help judge what looks best.

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Thanks sunnyca! I completely missed seeing the Holiday forum. In the two years I've been posting here, I've never scrolled down past the Home forums to see Crafts and Hobbies. Boy have I missed out. GW really does have something for everyone. Thanks again.

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