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abfabamyFebruary 2, 2013

We are getting ready to install the plumbing in our new shower. We plan on a standrd showerhead and a handshower on slidebar with a separate diverter handle. Our shower is 3 ft wide by 4 ft long. Is there a "best" location for the handshower? As in if we put it to the side of the stationary head, should it go on the right or left (toward the inside wall or the entrance)? What are the advantages of each location?

I hope to hear from people with both locations!

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I put my slide bar to the right of my centered rainshower. It is close to the opening of my shower...I put it on that side so I could reach the handheld from outside the shower for cleaning. So far this set up has worked great. I have a 3 way divertor so I can switch between the two showers or use both at one time. I absolutely love the set up

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Thank you so much! That's exactly the input I was looking for. Do you use your handshower as a showerhead while it's on the bar? If so, does it work well from that position as a shower?

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We put our slidebar on the opposite side from the fixed showerhead which works well for two-person showering. It's within easy reach to our right when sitting on the shower bench.

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I wonder why you'd need both a hand shower and regular fixed showerhead. We have an overhead rain shower, plus a handheld that is mounted on the wall showerhead height. I am not a rain shower person (my husband is) so I use the handshower every day just as I would a regular shower head, with the advantage that I can pick it up as a handheld when needed. I can understand having 2 showerheads with a rainshower added, since the spray is totally different, but to me, a handheld and a regular showerhead together seem redundant and add clutter in a relatively small space.

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Treasure, Thank you for the input, your bathroom is a favorite of mine!

Sas, I was not as clear in my description as I should have been. Our set up is a rain shower, just coming out of the wall up high instead of the ceiling. I have included a pic of our faucet. My husband likes the rain can and I prefer the force of the handshower. One of my concerns is that we are using a shower curtain instead of glass doors, I feel that having it over toward the entrance and angled toward the back when showering may be better when using a curtain, but maybe there is something I'm not thinking about that I should know about this set-up.

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I love my rainshower which comes out on a 17" arm..my husband prefers to use the hand shower. They both work fine for us in this location. I also reinforced behind the shower bar so it can bee used as a grab bar. We don't have a huge shower, had to make the most of our space ..I like the handheld near the door, I can reach easily to clean..we absolutely love our new shower

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Thanks Marley! Your situation is much likes ours will be. That is a great point I hadn't considered about accessing the hand held from outside for cleaning. And, I will do the same and reinforce the slidebar to act as a grab bar. Great tips!

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