cleaning shower doors

razamatazzyFebruary 2, 2014

For those of you who
have frameless shower doors with clear glass
What is your cleaning routine? Is it difficult to keep the glass clean?
Did you get the water repellent treatment on them?

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I squeegee after every shower. if you notice streaks forming, you can use dryer sheets. Yes, wet them and they will help clean the glass. If you get stubborn water marks, Magic Eraser works wonders!

No, I didn't get water repellent treatment.

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I rinse down the door and walls after I shower and then squeegee (its fun and takes 30 seconds), DH does not. Once a week I spray the inside and outside of the door with a combo of water and rubbing alcohol and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

I will say I am soooo glad I got the clear instead of the textured. I was so worried about privacy but it has never been an issue.

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Mine have some factory built-in water shielding material (can't remember name). We squeege after every shower. Once a week, sprayed with white vinegar/water mixture, left to dry, then polished with clean rag. Retailer said to NEVER use anything but white vinegar/water mixture to clean. Only potential problem is vinegar etching marble MBA. So far so good.

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The easy way for me to clean the shower doors is to use Barkeepers Friend, use small damp cloth and sprinkle on a small amount of BF. Gently rub across the glass and wipe with damp clean cloth, then wash glass door with window cleaner.
HTH Sid aka Julie

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