Cost of installing a bathroom sink?

jfsmith812February 28, 2013


My husband and I are in the process of buying a home (circa 1927) about 5 miles south of Boston. I know that we can't get anything close to a proper estimate without having someone come in, but as we haven't closed on the house yet, we aren't in the position to do that!

That said, we're trying to budget for some approximate immediate fixes. One in particular is installing a bathroom sink on the main level. It looks like a previous owner installed a toilet in a former closet. So right now, it's basically a 1/4 bath - which is fine in France, but not for hosting guests here. :)

Since there's already a toilet, I gather that there's the capability for plumbing to be had. I just don't know what to expect in terms of adding in (?) plumbing for a sink. We'd be doing a small wall-mount model.

Thanks in advance!

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Anywhere from $500 to $5000 ... depending on how hard it is to run the plumbing over to the wall where you want the sink, if it's even possible.

If there is easy access from the basement to the hot water, cold water and drains - lower cost than if the water has to be brought 50 feet across the house from the kitchen.

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By your description, it might not even be possible with the required clearances for fixtures. A toilet need a 3x5 space with no obstruction encroaching into it. The smallest possible vanity is around 18" wide. That makes the smallest possible half bath be 4'6" x 5'. 5'x5' is better. You can also do a 3' x 6' half bath if the entrance is along the long side, but it's tight. 3'x7' is better.

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You could do a small wall mount european sink, they make them around 15"-10".

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@Greendesigns - thank you for the number info! I was not aware of that. Luckily, we were already planning on what @sloyd mentioned - a tiny wall mount. My guess is that the "toilet closet" is about 3 x 5 or so right now. The door opens outward though, which is a bonus.

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