1940's Walt Disney Fantasia Centaurette

briant97November 1, 2012


What do you guys think of this guy? What is the real value on something like this piece?

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Any value is what someone will pay. I think it's highly unlikely that someone will pay $1600 for that pottery figurine.

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Old Disney licensed items are extremely collectable, but they have suffered the dip in economy like everything else. You also really need to know what you are doing to not get taken in the market with knock-offs, and how you sell your items will impact their going price steeply. I had a pair of vintage Disney figurines from my mother's estate. They had dropped to about 45% of their value on the collector's market. They still were worth 3 figures and I put a bug in a relative's ear to whom I gave them to not ever put them in a yard sale, but check their value if she ever sold them. I didn't even check your link because I'm in no position to evaluate it and if you ever do have occasion to buy or sell in that type of market, seek advise from someone who is reputable in it. Not all of it has significant value and that type of collecting is not up my tree.

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Thanks for the reply guys looks like it went for $1600. Guess it was valued right.

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