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PeaBee4August 4, 2005

BOOKS. There are those that in the Nursing Homes that still enjoy reading. If you have any, especially light weight, easily to hold ones, see if your NH would like them. The one that my mother was in had a well used library. Magazines are another thing. Even those that are confused will like looking at pictures. don't worry about subject matter, some will still like blood and gore, sex, mystery, romance....you name it.

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PeaBee hope it's not too hot where you are, right now it's soooo unbearable. anyways, i thought it would be nice to drop books off to afew seniors home where we are and guess what not one place would tke them! so what able friends of the public library, where they take donated books and sell them from 25 cents and up, no takers there either, they have to be best sellers,no wear, no folded down pages, magazines have to be this year's. no wear on these either, it was a nightmare, so i did end up dropping the mags off at our parks and rec. for children to use for crafts and a bunch at the board of education for school children (public and high school) to use. there seems to be to many rules (some of the old,old books i understand) even with volunteering, -- the background check i don't care about, because i haven'tdone anything wrong, but some of the other things, like you have to have this that and the other thing, you have to buy our volunteer shirt at 24.95 i don't get, yet everyone is crying for volunteers. anyways i guess what i'm trying tosay is that i'm glad you have a place where they gladly take in donations. What are you reading right now? debbie

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Aw, that's too bad that they are so picky about things like that.

Right now, I'm reading Bernard Cornwell's Scoundrel. It's pretty good. I just finished Joan Hess' murder@maggody.com. I think the Maggody/Arly Hanks series are a real hoot!

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PeaBee i read that one too! you are right, not much swearing, to sex or drugs (just Brother Verber and his drinking etc, don't want to spoil it for others who night want to read the series) and you can read a pretty good book. i'm reading Death by Inferier Design, but it reminds me of one of those HGTV decorating shows! but an easy read. Daughter is reading The Fountainhead, she loves the classics, a little too much over my head! debbie

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Try "High Wire Moon"...for anyone interested in the Latino culture. A glimpse of what can happen when a family is split by the immigration authorities.Not a mystery, tho.
Hope all is well with you guys. Derry

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