Is this old? Silhouette

Linderhof1208November 4, 2012

At a flea market I came across this silhoueette -- marked $25 but was half price. It looked old -- older than the 20s and the tag said it was 1800s -- but not when in the 1800s

It is signed "Doyle" and I did look it up and Doyle was a silhouette artist in the early 19th century. The signature looks like what I found on line. Just wanting confirmation, I guess that I did find a true treasure for $12.50!


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Yes!! It's old! Likely before 1850. There was a certain period when they did that slashing thing that makes the hair look fuzzy, but I forget just when.
ya done good!!....hit the frame with a little stain to camoflage the chips and you have a lovely sihlouette.
Linda C

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Linda -- thanks so much. Things like this are why we "junk" aren't they -- the real find for less than 15 bucks! Of course, we have to dig through a whole lot of chaff before we find a kernel of wheat! (Read we have to dig through a lot of "made in china" things to find something truly old!)

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Junk??? You may junk....I "rescue diamonds in the rough"!!

And beware of discarding things made in China....there is a lot of good stuff out there that is made in China. I collect these things....they come in white, yellow, green and all sorts of poses....and most are marked "CHINA".

Here is a link that might be useful: duck

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I was thinking more of the newer "made in china" things not the old ones. The very mass produced items sold by Hobby Lobby, T J Maxx, etc.

And once they"re discarded they end up in flea markets!

Interesting link!


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The duck pictured is actually from 1920's and before....even though they said otherwise.

and I have to wonder if, someday, that Hobby Lobby carp will attain the stature of early Barbies and Disney stuff.

BUT grab any cut paper picture you see for $25 or less. Old or's still individually made art. I have a bunch ( maybe 10 or 12) cut paper pictures, none as old as yours, most from the 1920's and some newer....but all hand cut paper. Scherenschnitte is another sort of cut paper picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scherenschnitte

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I have a friend who 'does' silhouettes and sells them in her space at the antique mall, and she does pretty well. Hers are very unique~cows, bats, rabbits, roosters~usually just the head.

Who knows, they may be considered 'antique' one day. ;o)

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I used to know someone who did scherenschnitte....and it was lovely and original art....and I now have bought a few things from a paper cut artist who sells on etsy....again lovely stuff!!

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