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mimi427August 1, 2005

Good Morning Everyone:

I'm just wondering...does one need to be a member of this forum in order to have a prayer circle for them? I have a friend whose wife has ovarian cancer. She has had chemo and has been told her system cannot handle anymore. She needs all the prayers from as many people as she can get. Her name is Gloria; she has a son Gabriel and her husband's name is Michael...please let me know if this is not appropriate. I'm just trying to do as much as I can for them. Thanks so much,


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Hi Mimi... No one "needs to be a member" to post on this forum or ask for prayer... I pray God strengthens and encourages them and ministers healing to Gloria's body. ~abreeze

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Thanks so much,'re an angel...Mimi

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Hi Mimi! You are a wonderful friend! I think the more friends (either to prayer for or pray for us)the better! Tell Gloria not to give up! There is always hope for everything! Are you thinking of a day and time, let us know, and i just know we'll be there for you and everyone else! take care! debbie

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Hey Debbie,
Let's plan on tomorrow night, 9pm Central time...I don't know what time that is for you guys in Canada, but I'm sure you can figure that one out!!! Gloria is having surgery tomorrow...I have no other specifics, but she could certainly use all the prayers we can muster up...thanks so very much, Mimi

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Mimi, let us know how Gloria's surgery went today. We'll keep on praying...

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Mimi how is Gloria doing today? Let her know that we are STILL praying for her and her family and that it doesn't just stop at our Prayer Circle! hope you're all keeping cool! (I just noticed where you live and drive wise you're about 8 hours from where i live and when you think about it that's not that far, don't worry i don't like to travel so we won't show up on your door! - lol) debbie

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Hi Deb,
You're so funny! I wouldn't worry if you showed up at my door, I just wouldn't answer it!! Ha ha....just thinking about your SIL and what happened to you a few week's ago. Actually, it would be very nice if we could many of us have so much in common. I'm so tired of being around so many people that haven't a clue what we're going through and just don't understand...
Thanks so much for your concern about Gloria..I'll find out more today...she may have to have surgery. Her husband emailed me and told me she has a bowel obstruction that they are trying to unblock with meds...we'll keep praying...thanks so much and take care, Mmimi

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