Italian Painting

deadpoetnjNovember 21, 2009

I can see the year, but does anyone know this artist? The frame and painting are extremely light weight. Since the frame is so lightweight, I don't know what the material is. Any idea how much this might be worth? Thanks for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: photos of painting

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Looks like a souvenir of someone's Grand Tour in 1877. I think it's a copy of some Renaissance work, done by an Italian artist.

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I agree with Ideefixe about the painting being someone's Grand Tour souvenier. In this case, I believe it's from Florence (Firenze). Some of those have become quite valuable, so it's worth looking into.

After looking at the signature closely, I googled Luigi Bigazzi and found some information. Apparently there was an Italian artist of that name born in 1814, so the timelines look like they might fit. And on Artline, there's a painting done by an artist of that name (oil on cardboard) that strongly resembles yours that sold at auction in 1999.

That should certainly be enough to get you started --

Here is a link that might be useful: Bigazzi on Artnet

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sweeby, are you a member of artnet?

It's a very beautiful painting, and I like the Grand Tour story...Firenze, grand tour---says to me A Room with a View :)

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I'm not a member Fly.
Thought about doing a 'Demo', but might need it myself one day.

And since the OP hasn't checked back in...

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Thank you for the heads up. I don't know anyone with an Artnet account. I wonder if I could find someone with an account to see how much that one you mentioned sold for in 1999. Thanks again.

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