Steam (only) oven recipes/ideas

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I have a Miele steam oven I've had for about 6 months. I love it. I do a ton of steamed veggies, steaming potatoes for mashed or potato salad, some reheating (seems more worth it if reheat a lot - I still use the microwave for one plate reheated but have used the steam and it was great when we did several individual plates of leftovers warmed for a meal). I've also steamed tortillas and steamed bread (to heat/soften not making it). For the veggies the great thing is I haven't overcooked my veggies since I got it -- nice that it is timed, shuts down, then keeps warm without over cooking. I think I'd love one of the steam/convection combos though as I like to do roasted veggies a lot and I bet a mix of roast and steam would be pretty nice for that.

But I'd love more ideas for how other people use their steam oven. I've seen some ideas on steamed eggs -- I have to try that seems like it would work well when cooking for a crowd.

Any steam only (as opposed the wolf steam/convection) recipe sources other than the Miele web site? I cannot seem to find any other sources.

I keep wanting to try steaming fish -- but we keep throwing the salmon on the grill as I know we all like it that way. I have done chicken breast for making chicken salad (for eating hot I'd roast or grill my chicken).

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There are a few recipes books for steaming - mostly based on the steamer basket you put on top of a pot of water or the steamers they sell to cook rice. Cooking with steam : spectacular full-flavored low-fat dishes from your electric steamer Stephanie Lyness, . and Cuisine àla vapeur = The art of steam cooking Jacques.Manière, , My local library had both and they had some ideas that were useful. For salmon, I lightly salt it, then steam it, and heat a sauce in a small pan to give it some flavor. The sauce I use is 1 cup fat free half and half, 1 teaspoon cornstarch ( you can increase this if you like your sauce to be thicker ) 1 TB dill, 1 TB honey mustard - bring to a simmer and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Pour over the fish when it is done.

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