Elder Care?

Janis_GAugust 24, 2005

Have any of you heard of an Elder Care lawyer?

We have one here in our town that I am considering

making an appointment with.

He supposedly helps the elderly and their families make

informed choices. He employs Geriatric Care Managers to

assist in locating resources that will help meet your needs.

Also assists clients in planning for possible long-term

care needs,including nursing home care.


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As with anything else, get some referrals, but yes, using an Eldercare attorney is a great idea. You need to understand wills and trusts (if you have a trust, you can close out a simple estate in a short time, while closing an estate that is not held in trust is much more costly), protected assets for nursing home patients, and all manner of things.

Here's a great website by one such attorney here in CA (note: state laws will vary a lot), but if you read thru a lot of Len Tillem's Elderlaw columns on the website, you'll be well prepared for your meeting with your local attorney.

Good luck---- sounds like you are thinking things thru carefully!

Here is a link that might be useful: Len Tillem and Associates

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I have worked with an Elder Care Lawyer. Some are very good,,,guess it is like anything else, get some refs, if possible. Now, as far as the geriatric care manager, my experience was not good. Be aware that they charge for the time spent, not the outcome. I ended up paying for several hours with a manager and there was no result. Nonetheless the time was spent and I had to pay. So I would be careful what I used the manager for, be sure it is the best alternative. Good luck! Derry

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A lot of what a geriatric care manager does is stuff that you can do yourself (e.g., locating resources, evaluating nursing homes, etc.) if you have the time and the patience. I hired one to oversee my mother's care in the nursing home just to have another set of eyes and ears (professional and detached) and to be Mom's advocate when I couldn't be (because I was so burned out). It is definitely worth a consultation with one, to get some ideas, but then think carefully how you want to utilize them. Mine charged $135/hour so it was not cheap.

Elder care attorneys are very helpful if you have assets that you need to shelter, a sizable estate, etc. Again, an initial consultation with one would help you know whether or not you are in need of his/her services at this time.

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Right now I am just trying to think ahead because I will be
the one to take over and do everything.
My husband's memory is getting worse and his eyesight is
failing. I have a daughter who is handicapped and
we take care of her. She still lives in her apartment but
eventually she will end up living with me.

Our wills need up-dating and also our power of attorney
and living wills. I need to know what I will need to do
about making financial decisions etc.

I had never even heard of an Elder Care attorney.
Just thought it sounded like a good idea to get things done
before it hits full force.
I already feel like there needs to be 4 of me.

I lurk here a lot and have learned so much from all of you.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.


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Looks like you can use the legal services for wills, POA, trusts, etc, and then ask questions about the other 'services'. Like it's been said so well, you may be able to do a lot of the same work by yourslef as far as investigating care facilities, etc. But het the wills and other paperwork in order first. And do ask about trusts. Even modest estates can benefit from trusts.

Get a firm idea of what you need to do for long-term care, financialy, for your husband. Here, you can shelter a spouse's income and a home, etc, if you have to use a nursing home and run thru insurance But you want to know how to do it before you get there. It may mean transfering assets into your name, etc.

Again, try Len Tillem's website and read his newspaper columns. You'll have a lot better idea of what questions to ask.

Eldercare law is as much a specialty as a lot of other fields. ANd that's a good thing, as Martha would say!

Best of luck. Keep tuned in here, and keep asking questions and reading!

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By all means, get those wills, POA, etc. updated now. You may find that your usual lawyer is quite competent in handling the affairs of the aged and infirm. So talk to him first. You may not need anyone else. Do your homework as to what is available in your area. According to the law in SOME states, your husband MAY be eligible for some state aid, if all assets are in your name.

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A realllly good elder care lawyer is worth the cost. They will know not only your state's law but also how to get the most assistance from Medicare/Medicaid and still leave some assets for the other spouse.

We found it worth the charge ($200.00 an hour); unfortunately my Father wouldn't go along with any of the suggestions.

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Similarly there are respite homes for elder people with a disability. Elder care homes aid and train disabled people in building skills needed for independent living. Disabled people are more comfortable in respite homes or in specially formed communities for the disabled. They respond better and are happier in an atmosphere where they find alike people. Such people are better off in respite homes rather than a home of their own.
Here is a link that might be useful:

Here is a link that might be useful: Eldery care

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I got the help I needed from an estate lawyer. He was excellent. When I went to SRS, they confirmed what the lawyer told me.

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Carers should offer their experienced advice. Care homes such as those by CaringUK employee carers who will offer advice to residents and family members to the best of their ability.

Here is a link that might be useful: CaringUK Care Homes

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OK, that last post sure smells spammy.

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Hmm... sounds like he is more of an estate planning attorney. He pretty much does the same thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Estate Planning Attorneys

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A good idea I'm thinking of right now is doing the research yourself. If you were able to make a post in here, you sure can do some research online. From there, you can contact these resources and ask more in-depth information with regards to elderly care.

Here is a link that might be useful: Matthews Senior Care

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ramon, is that your own website that you are advertising?

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My first visit with the estate lawyer was free. Later after my husband died, I went to him to confirm if what I had done financially on my own was okay, it was. My heir is a college and they wanted a will. The attorney made one for $50. and did a few other things like taking my husband's name off our home, make a comfort care document for me. He only charged $400. for all of it.

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