Gaggenau v. thermador full surface induction?

momcoFebruary 5, 2014

Does anybody have actual experience with Gaggenau vs. Thermador full surface induction? I've read that the power is more limited than regular induction units, that the surface is smaller than implied (30" cooktop rather than 36"), and that only 4 pans can be used at a time. But how are people who have them liking them? I believe Gaggenau is very slightly more expensive than Thermador- does anyone know if the price difference is warranted (any features that Gaggenau has that Thermador doesn't?)

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A friend of mine has the Thermador and is happy with it. From what I can gather, the only difference with the Gagg is the appearance.
True that only 4 pans at a time can be used.
The salesman I worked with said that although Induction itself is a mature technology, the zoneless units are new and he suggested staying away from them for now.
I think the Gagg is not slightly more expensive, it's about 50% more.

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Salesmen are not always the best sources for info.
AEG and Electrolux have gone through at least four generations of 'zoneless' Maxisense products in Europe.
None have been offered in the US. Plenty of history.

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Interesting. If anything, the salesman was leading me to a less expensive purchase.

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