Bathroom Progress Update, Nearing the Finish.

enduringFebruary 2, 2013

I am making headway on my bathroom remodel which is in it's 9th month! I am nearing the end. I have posted varying degrees of completion, and many pictures of my concept plans and tile floor. All of these I am excited about using. I am just about finished with the tile. The white field tile is grouted but I have to grout the marble listello and the crown rail. The tile job is not perfect by any means. And you will see some un even-ness in the listello in a picture below where I had to be creative in installing an area, using tape. It is my floating tile area, darn. But this area will be covered mostly with a 10" tall back splash.

Here is one elevation of the sink wall that many have seen, and last appeared in a thread when I was trying to decide on a mirror shape and color:

Here is another view the I seldom post:

But now I want to reveal my new vanity. It arrived yesterday. The young man did a tremendous job on this. He took my concept plan and made it into a stunning piece. Don't you think so?

I think it is just so lovely. The paint color is perfect and the soapstone just sits in there perfectly. Last night when the lights were on it cast a light through the centerline between the stack of drawers and the sink. That light was dead center on the self below. There will be a counter that will extend to the depth of the sink, over hanging the stack of draws.

Brett did a fantastic job bringing my concept vanity to life. He didn't turn the legs but ordered them from Osborne Wood, online. I picked seven or eight that would be workable for style and for vanity size. He finalized the selection. The turnings were critical as well as the amount of unturned material to accommodate the plan. He got a 35.5" island leg and cut off 10" from the top. The bottom square was important to allow a nice junction with the shelf.

I have made my sink using soapstone remnants that I purchased last year. I'll link to a thread to the process that I have over on the Kitchen Forum. There are several updates on the construction over the last month or so. I started the post in the Kitchen Forum during the construction because there are a lot of soapstone inthuseist over there, and they love farmhouse type sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: finally the Plans for Soapstone Sink Taking Shape!

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It's just beautiful! Your room is going to be gorgeous and special because of all of the thought that you've put into it. Any imperfections that you see now will hardly be noticed once the room is complete... and if they are, just keep in mind that this is a CUSTOM room. Isn't it so satisfying to see your vision come together? I can't wait to see the full reveal!

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Enduring: That is a gorgeous and charming vanity! What is the paint color?
Would you share how much it cost to make this piece?

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Thanks Treasure for your complements. It is a great joy to share these efforts with you and all GW'ers. Yeah, what is perfection, just a concept that can drive mortals crazy. Certainly not a reality I want to spend much time in.

Laura, thanks for the complements. The paint color of the vanity is BM Thundercloud Gray. The cabinet maker had a lacquer paint tined this color and spray painted it. It is perfect with the stone. The wall color is the next shade lighter on the paint strip, Bunny Gray. The local cabinet maker that made this for me charged $785. That included the installation in my BR. The sink is just setting on the stand, I'll have the plumber set the sink.

I took another picture this morning with the sun shining in and I think it is so lovely that I am including it here.

The sun just makes it look so sweet. I can't wait 'til the backsplash gets on, and faucets. Oh and the rest of the grouting, and crown. Plumber will be here next Thursday to hook everything up! Yippy!

I edited to add the $ amount that was requested. 2-26-13 edited to re-link the photo.

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Wow! This is coming together so beautifully. I absolutely love your vanity and that soapstone sink. I can't wait to see it when it is all completed!

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Thanks Pipdog for your kind words, I am hoping for a peaceful look. Your bath has that look and its lovely.

Fortunately I am not a Superbowl fan. Today, I'm fine tuning the layout of the backsplash location in relationship to the stand and sink. This is prep for Thursday when the plumber gets here.

I have to grout the marble and the crown and might get that done today too.

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enduring, it's a beautiful bathroom and looks so fresh and warm and welcoming. I just love it! Can't wait to see the final pix.

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I so admire your creative vision and ability to implement it. Can't wait to see your finished room! :-)

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That is a beautiful vanity, enduring, wow. What a wonderful feeling it must be. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to more pics next week!

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Phylhl, I am glad to hear that you think it is warm and welcoming. It is the bath that is used for visitors. It is awkwardly situated off of the kitchen. Something that is more common in old houses I imagine. My DH farms and we get seed salesmen, and other farm related people stopping by now and than.

Sparklebread, thanks for your complement and I am happy to hear you want to see it finished. But then who in there right mind would want a remodel to take forever ;) I am so ready to be done!

Sochi, thank you so much, and it is expecially meaningful coming from the one who own's my favorite kitchen:) This vanity is just gorgeous. I think the soapstone is so perfect with the color. Brett did a fabulous job. He said it was one of the most enjoyable thing he has made. He had to use his excellent carpentry skills and creative skills to come up with this. While my concept plan provided the basic layout, he took the artistic license to set back the vanity from the stone, the recessed apron and the beading. When I saw the beading at the bottom of the apron I expressed a lot of appreciation for this detail. He said he was excited to use the bit he has to make that and pointed out that it is the same size as one of the turnings on the legs. He is in his late 20's or early 30's. (I have asked him to give me a quote for some cabinets in my DH office that is off of the kitchen too)

This has been a much needed update to a pathetic bathroom that was last outfitted in the 40's I think, DH can't remember when his family did it. It has always been there in my DH's memory in the 50's. It was extremely modest bathroom. The plaster walls went as did the plumbing and all fixtures. The walls had been embossed in a 4x4 tile pattern from the 30 or 40's when the add on was built. That is why I went with the 4x4 tile to keep the feeling of an earlier era.

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Absolutely stunning - I can't wait to see more pictures!

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Bumble-doodle, that you for your enthusiasm and compliment. Hopefully there will be more pics by the weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that every thing comes together for the plumber to finish this friday.

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The soapstone is more beautiful than I could have imagined it would be. And Brett did a fantastic job executing your vision - for a great price, IMO. The inset drawers are perfect, and the proportions are really nice. You are obviously thrilled, and we are thrilled for you! Yay!

(I also have a guest half-bath off the kitchen in our ancient house. Not ideal, but I've certainly gotten used to it.)

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Enduring- I remember your thread about the floor and of course all of the threads about your soapstone sinks. You have a real eye for beauty, and I think its safe to say your beautiful bathroom will endure the test of time.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful craftsmanship with the rest of us. I hope I will be able to show the same skill and talent you have when it comes time to build our little cottage.

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Kmcg, thanks for the appreciation of Brett's skill. I ran into his parents yesterday and gushed all over about the vanity and showed them pictures. Cant wait to share the finished room.

Ioway, Thanks for the complements! The long haul is what I aiming for with this family farmhouse. I really am excited to hear of a "little cottage" That will be so much fun. I hope you keep us all informed on that project.

Currently I am trying to track down my crown rail that I am 6 short of. I had got these off of craigslist last winter and they were from a marble and granite business that sold the lot of old stock to the craigslist seller. I have now found the maker, HRJohnson in England, and Best Tile distributes their line here in the US. I have made some preliminary contacts with a Best Tile shop in NY. I hope they will accept my payment and ship me what I want to me. I hope to hear from them today.

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Enduring, I just love what you've done so far and can't wait to see the finished product. I'm always stunned at the design talents on these forums.

Beth P.

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The vanity and the sink definitely have the WOW factor. This is beautiful.

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I want to update my progress. I will soon have a finished bathroom. I have used it and it works well. The floor is warm and nice on the toes. I will do a reveal in a few weeks when I get the door refinished and hung, and the rest of the crown rail that I had to locate and have shipped to me because I ran out :/

Vanity with my homemade sink & backsplash, beautiful vanity by Brett, and my Hansgrohe wall mounted faucet. Love it. It is dreamy.

Thanks for looking 8^)

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Pretty floor. Can you please tell me what it is? Thanks.

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Yes, it is Montauk Brazilian slate that I special ordered from HD. It didn't take long to get in. It is 12x12 or they do have a larger square format. I took the 12x12, and using a simple formula that Mongoct gave me to calculate grout width, I cut down the tiles to roughly 6x12, and laid the herringbone pattern. It is a blackish gray color. It is only suited for interior applications. Some slates are suited for exterior installation but not this one. I believe that it will not tolerate the freeze thaw conditions. I used Laticrete's Spectralock epoxy grout that I custom blended, using 1 part Silver Shadow and 3 parts Platinum. This gave me a darker gray yet still gives the contrast that I wanted. I played with several grout mixtures before I settled on this color. Always a good idea for me to mess around with color before I commit. I used a million paint colors to come up with my wall color with is not shown in this picture, but you can see above in an earlier posting. HTH.

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I love the floor, too. I wouldn't have guessed it was slate. Beautiful bathroom, and unique.

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I love the floor, too. I wouldn't have guessed it was slate. Beautiful bathroom, and unique.

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That sink IS dreamy!!! That you made it yourself just adds to its "fantastical-ness!!!"

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I missed all the early postings, but am glad to have seen this. I love what you've done, and when you said this is a guest bath off the kitchen in a farmhouse, the apron sink, vanity with side towel bar, your tile -- they all seem so fitting yet fresh. The back splash makes that vanity all come together. Love the floor tile and the herringbone pattern too.

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wow, that is gorgeous! I love how all the colors are so pulled together. Your sink and vanity are truly special!

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I don't know how I've missed this in Baths and Kitchens! Maybe since I don't normally click on soapstone threads. The vanity is amazing! He did such a good job. I can see why you're so excited. The vanity backsplash is just wonderful. Can't wait for the tour!!

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Thanks you guys-Capellini, Cat, Lascatx, Michoumonster, & Allison. I have to say there won't be much of a "tour" LOL, as the room is only 6.5x9.5. There will not be many long shots:) My plan is to give info on all the stages of the bath. Starting with the planning, then the joist re-enforcements, walls and finishing, tiling, etc. I used a lot of help from people on both this forum and the Remodel forum.

Then there is the kitchen forum where it was all soapstone. I had some experience working with soapstone in the summer of 2011 when I naively went ahead and ordered and installed soapstone. This planning was set in motion before I found GW. I couldn't find anyone to help me locally, I didn't know anything about remodeling at the time. And I only had a local restaurant for inspiration - where they had soapstone installed 12 years ago. I had always loved it. Tried to order SS from a local stone yard and have it fabricated locally. Fabricator was discouraging me so I went my own way! I finally got my DBIL (who lives 45 min away) to commit to helping me cut and install the kitchen counters. Well, you strike when the iron's hot, so I ended up doing it myself with the assistance of my DH and some young lads to do the heavy lifting. I also learned all I knew at the time, from a few YouTube videos that Canada Soapstone had posted. If it weren't for them I couldn't have tackled the kitchen. But, after the kitchen, I knew I couldn't stop there, so the bathroom was next. This time I sourced some remnants from another local stone yard, who's owner happened to have grown up in my small town and worked with my late DFIL, haying, as a teen. His dad started the stone yard years ago and he has since taken over. Anyway, got the remnants from them and now I have my sink:) Eyeballing more remnants for the next project.

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