Old wool blankets

pattio2November 16, 2012

I have 5 wool blankets made by my grandfather in his woolen mill. They have to close to 100 yrs old and the hems are hand bound (by my grandmother) They are in excellent conditon and have not been used for the past 65 yrs and have been kept in mothproof storage. Is there a market for these blankets? I would like to keep one but don't have room to keep all of them. Your opinions please.

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Yes....there is a market for some....not sure about all.
What was his woolen mill called?

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Not sure what it was called. I'm trying to gather a bit more info from my aunt who is 102 but still pretty sharp. I've been thinking seriously of seeing if local museum whould have a use for them. Rather that than have them cut up for ponchos etc.

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Check with your local historical society, too. I'm sure they would love to display one or two along with a history.

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I love the idea of a museum/historical society donation. The US's textile history needs to be preserved. Good onya for thinking of that. It's a gift to give to future generations, even if your grandparents didn't found Pendleton LOL...the smaller mills are just as, if not more, interesting from a historical standpoint, IMO.

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