Music in the bathroom?

jagermeisterFebruary 23, 2012

I've been tossing around the idea to include some speakers and a radio or ipod hookup in my bathroom remodel. Has anyone done this? Do you use it a lot? Are there kits out there for this and where would I find them?


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If you want a simple player for your iMusic, sure, any form of an ipod dock can be used.

If you want any form of zone linking, or if you're eventually going to expand to a whole-house music system (shill alert!) I'll recommend the Sonos music system.

Be it background music, or in the forefront for active listening, I enjoy having music on. A few years ago I spent quite some time trying to figure out what would fit my needs. I eventually settled on Sonos. I started with a couple of zones and expanded. You can start with a single zone.

Sonos can access your iTunes library, your iPod music, and music you have stored on your computer or a NAS. You can access internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody...if there's something you want to listen to, you can easily access it through Sonos.

There are others out there with similar capabilities, but Sonos has a ridiculously easy interface. Guests in my house can figure out the remote with no assistance. You can also use an iPod, iTouch, iPad, a laptop, or a smart phone as a Sonos remote. You can also access it through a desktop computer. The interface is quite simple.

For a bathroom, if you want a stand-alone setup, Sonos has a couple of self-contained "boom box" types of players. They have other zone amplifiers that can be hardwired to speakers. The actual components themselves are wireless, which makes setting up a system quite simple.

I've gone on too long about Sonos. If you have any Sonos questions ask and I'll do my best to answer. One other nice thing about Sonos though...if you ever move, you can take the system with you.

Back to your basic question, if you're not sure what you want to do but think you want to do something some day, sure, run speaker wire to where you think you might want speakers. If in the ceiling, run speaker wire up into the ceiling bay, coil up a few extra feet of wire, lightly tape it in place and drywall over it. If a wall, staple it to a stud. Later you can cut into the drywall, access the wire and use it to add speakers...or leave it forever unused should you go another route. The other end of the speaker can be home run (if you have access) to where your main music amplifier is, or the wire can be terminated in an accessible spot in the bathroom should you think you'll connect it to some sort of amplifier in the bathroom. In a closet, a cabinet, under the tub apron, etc. It depends on how you think you might proceed in the future.

People add music in the bathroom all the time. Just decide if you want a stand-alone system, or if you think you might want to incorporate it into a whole-house system.

The easiest and least expensive would be a stand-alone alone iPod dock. decent docks can be had for $100-$150. For a couple hundred dollars more you can start a whole-house Sonos system where you can have the same music playing everywhere in your house, or different music in each room. With access to pretty much any song or any type of music you could ever imagine.

Best of luck with your decision.

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I too wanted some sort of 'entertainment' to enjoy while in the tub; my DH said, 'NO WAY, You'll fall asleep & drown in there!' HaHaHa! Hence, none for us. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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I'll second the Sonos suggestion. We did our whole house with it - lots of different zones. My favorite is the bathroom. I love having the music there while showering and getting ready in the morning! It is so easy to use!!

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