What is the best plaster texture for a bathroom?

james_444February 9, 2013


I'm in the process of rebuilding a bathroom. As part of the remodel I cut out the sofit which means the bathroom walls and ceiling have to be re-plastered.

Any suggestions on the best plaster finish to use? Orange peel? Knock down? a hand applied higher relief? or something else?

What is left of the existing walls is a knockdown but I can change it to anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Smooth is always best.

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I always vote smooth on wall texture.

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Thank you for your thoughts. I will probably use a knock down given the more humid environment of a bathroom. It will be much easier to clean.

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Just curious, why would knock down be easier to clean? In my experience the easiest surface to clean is always a smooth one. Dirt collects in the indents of a non-smooth surface.

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Smooth. But I am assuming you feel you are not able to give a smooth finish DIY? We did our kitchen ceiling, and though I did end up having to go to a massage therapist (stiff neck), LOL, would do the bathroom that way again for sure! (much smaller area, and so much easier to wipe clean!)

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Anything except smooth is a PITA to clean.

It tears up the sponges and dirt just loves to hide in the texture.

The only way to clean texture is with a suitable brush to scrub.

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