Good news for Mother

fairegoldAugust 13, 2005

She's gained another pound in the nursing home, now up to 80.3#, so she has a little more strength. And the Prozac seems to have kicked in, and that helps a lot.

If we can get her stamina up some more, then she should be able to return to the assisted living complex, at the highest level of service. The nurse and I had a pretty stern talk with Mother. Absolutely NO moving furniture, everything off the top shelves, I'm even taking the step stool away.

She does have a cough that she refuses to treat, and I don't expect this return to her apartment to last long, but she's happy with the prospect. No date set for this, she may get another week of PT first.

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Physical therapist said today that she can stretch the Medicare funding for two, maybe four weeks with PT. Mother got pretty winded going 30 ft down the hall, but she really tries, and she is pretty strong.

The therapist is great, because she really did understand the issue, that Mother needs more supervision, and the PT knows the set-up at Mother's community, as well. She agrees that even with the assisted living there, it is still separate apartments with closed doors, and she urged me to look at some other places, more traditional AL facilities,
or perhaps moving Mother to an apt at her place much closer to the center and the dining room, etc.

So nothing will happen for at least a couple of weeks, and I have a new job to do, look at other AL places.

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OK, I paid the transfer fee for an apartment that is closest to the dining room, etc, and I'll get Mother's things moved in the next week, so then when she comes back, she'll be close enough to the center of things so that it won't be hard on her to come to meals, etc. She's sad to leave her 3rd floor room with a lovely view, but that's just the way it is.

The staff at both her apartment/AL place and at the nursing home have all been great. In fact, the RN who's in charge of patient care at the nursing home had previously been in charge of AL at the other place. Every one in this town knows everyone else, and sometimes that's a good thing!

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Sounds like a good move, it should put your mind at ease, too. Hopefully, she'll eat. There should be a lot of people going by her apartment, checking up on her and inviting her to eat.

If her place is like the one my parents lived in, by 4:00pm, when the dining rooms opened, there was a huge crowd waiting. You risked life and limb getting in the way of someone heading into the dining room. The residents in the electric carts were the most dangerous! They'd mow you down in the blink of an eye.

Good luck.

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How's your mom doing?

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Thanks for asking! She's doing great, and everyone is amazed at her turnaround from almost dead to very well. I've been spending the last few days (and a couple more to come) moving her from one apartment to another, a lot closer to the center of things and quite close to the dining room. I am exhausted! I think she will be able to come home soon, probably as soon as I get her things in the new apt and unpacked. DH will help me tomorrow with some boxes, all the pictures, and some of the more delicate things, and then the movers will come on Monday AM. We're just moving down the hallway, but it might as well be far far away.

On Friday I started with the local Alliance on Aging's support group for caregivers. What wonderful people! I can see that I'll be with this group for a long time, very positive attitudes and helpful. I needed this. When I talked about Mother a little, they gave me a photcopy from a book about Toxic personalities in Seniors. I think I'll find that and start a new thread.

The support group is almost as good as the nice people here!

You folks are the best!

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Sounds very encouraging! Thank God for the turnaround...

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