27' wall oven

lollapallooFebruary 4, 2012

Hello! First time poster. Have been researching wall ovens here and conclude it's not wise to use the self-clean. What's the latest on best 27" (electric) single wall ovens? Thinking about the Elux and am disappointed no ICON in that size. Who likes Monogram Advantium 120V? Miele? Thanks for your input!

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I was thinking about using a Bosch 27" to replace our GE Profile which is faltering. Ours has contact problems that keep it from responding to the buttons until I press each button on the paned hoping it will start working. I think it is the old self-cleaning plague that is a problem with the newer electronic oven controls. Then I read the post that came a couple after yours where the poster's sister has a 2 year old double oven Bosch in which both ovens are inoperable. Doesn't sound like proper quality control/design for something costing thousands.

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I have a 27" Miele Chef Series that I have had for about 2 years. I think it's a great oven. It cooks well and evenly and I would buy it again.

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I have Electrolux 27" Wave Touch double ovens and aside from slightly uneven cooking - really, I only notice it in my cookies, I make very thin sliced varieties, and so the uneven heat is perhaps more noticeable as some darken on the cookie sheet more than others (maybe any oven would do this) - but I am otherwise happy with them (they don't particularly match the styling on my SubZero, but that is my fault).

Like you, I was at first disappointed the Icon models only came in 30" - I liked the styling better - but after reading some of the alarming stories here of problems with the Icon models, I guess I'm glad I got the Wave Touch. So far haven't read any bad reviews here - most people love them.

They are reasonably priced (compared to Miele and Dacor), they have glide racks on upper and lower shelves, their interior space is generous for a 27" and their customer service, based on reviews here, seems pretty good.

My experience with choosing appliances is that everything came down to trade offs between price, styling, specs, etc. Nothing was perfect (except that SubZero!)

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