What should I ask for this one?

kate38November 27, 2012

This sofa may have been purchased in the 1920s. The wood is in very good condition. The fabric is velvet and is a bit stained but no tears anywhere.

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That's a lot older than 1920's....closer to 1820's. Has an "Empire" flavor to is....likely...1870's?
Beautiful piece!

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That is so beautiful...I'll be interested to hear what informed people say about what to ask for it.

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Wow--that's a lot older than I thought. Do you have any idea at all what I should ask for it? Someone is interested in buying it but I simply have no idea. Even a ballpark number or range. I'll try to search the internet now that I know it's from the Empire period.

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Could that be a Biedermeier sofa? They have an Art Deco sleekness that often fools people, and sometimes an Arts and Crafts overtone ...

I'd be contacting dealers who specialize in that era, because it's a specialty style, and selling it to the right market can mean several hundreds of dollars more. Worth serious research.

Here's some examples:



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I think it's classic American Empire......and older than I first said....unless it's a very good repro!
What does the bottom look like? any signs of being re upholstered?

Here is a link that might be useful: empire sofa

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I'll try to lift it up next time I'm there. It's very heavy.

I have a buyer for everything but the loveseat, and I need to know what to ask and be in the ballpark. I'd love to keep it if I can find a place for it in my house, but I have many beautiful things already from this side of the family to pass on one day. I appreciate everyones' comments.

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

I would be delighted to store it in my house for you!! No charge. As long as you like. Wow! That is just gorgeous! I've been looking for an old sofa....not that old because it wouldn't be in my price range.

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