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Heatherash8210February 3, 2012

I am trying to find a good range hood, but not really willing to spend more than 700. For this price can you get any nice hoods with external vents included. I will be buying a 36 inch hood for my 30 inch stove.

I never realized how expensive hoods were. Thanks all

I recently looked at the Broan elite and cavalier.

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Can you say a little more about what you are looking for and what you mean by external vent? Do you want the blower in the hood?

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The hood I have been looking at is a 36 inch broan hood. There is one hood that you need to buy the external blower which I know goes outside. Then there is another option that has an internal blower. Is that the same as a recirculating fan or is that different?
Our stove is on an inside wall on the first floor of a 2 story house. I know my fan will have to vent from the top and then go out of my house about 11 feet. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to an internal vs. external blower?


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A hood with an internal blower can be vented outside - the main difference is that it might be a little noisier than one with an external blower. If you don't already have ducting to the outside, you will need to factor that into your costs.

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Thanks. Just to clarify, the blower can be (1) in the hood (internal), (2) somewhere along the ductwork (inline), or (3) on the outside of the house where the ductwork exits (external). A recirculating fan is an internal fan with no vent at all, just a filter.

(1) is noisier, as weissman says, but there are sub-$700 options in the size you want. With (2) or (3) you are buying the canopy and blower separately and I can't see any way to get both new for $700, based on a quick search. But you might visit a Broan showroom and see if they will offer you a package deal. That will also give you a chance to see and hear hoods.

If you're in a place with an active Craigslist, you might also check that out -- 36" is a common size and I've seen lots offered where I live. I got a used canopy from a building salvage business. Happy cooking!

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That makes much more sense. So there really is not much of a difference between internal and external except for the noice? I thought buying the hood would be the easy part, I'm happy I've done my research before ordering one.

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The other thing to keep in mind is how the blower is switched. With a hood plus internal blower, you get a single compact appliance with the switch already connected. If the blower is inline or external, you have to run wire from the blower to a switch in the kitchen, either on the wall or in the hood.

This gets to installation costs: installing an internal-blower unit is a much simpler job. Less to explain, less that can go wrong. If you're paying electricians and ventilation folks and carpenters by the hour, that could be a significant cost difference.

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If you're putting this on an inside wall, you will need to confirm that the joists in the ceiling run in the right direction for the vent pipe to the outside. Else things get even more complicated, or involved.

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Can't just get one of those small old recirculating ones we all grew up with? I'm just kidding. I think I am will go with an internal blower for now and if it happens to be to load we will worry about that in the future. I was thinking a broan hood. Have you heard any pros or cons about this hood? BROAN E6436SS Pro Range Hood

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