What should I ask for these pieces?

kate38November 27, 2012

I'm hoping someone can give me some idea of what I should ask for these. I'll have to ask in three different postings. The pink loveseat is the oldest and may have belonged to my great-grandmother who died in the 1920s. It's been covered up for at least 50 years and is in near perfect condition. I have an interested buyer but I don't know what to ask. We are in the Northeast.

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I can't help with a price, but just wanted to say I have two chairs that are an almost identical match to your loveseat right down to the color of the fabric. I wish I lived closer to you - I would love to have the loveseat!

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Selling a similar style sofa. An appraiser said the value would be around $450.

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I think the other sofa is older. This is a French style canap� with an art nouveau quality to the carving on the frame. I think it really depends upon where you live how much you can get for it, and through what medium. My experience with Craigslist has been that people want you to Give it to them.

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Here is the sofa (actually a loveseat) that we have. Don't know too much about the age, but it did belong to my grandmother who would have been 112 this year. She received it from her in-laws after their passing. My mother had the original velvet taken off and recovered in this uncharacteristic fabric. :(

We live in the South. The sofa was actually appraised at $900, but the appraiser said we would not be able to get more than $450. Tried that at an estate sale and I still have it. I thought about CL, but as palimpsest says....

I am going to try eBay with local pick-up only and see how that works. If nothing, I am having a garage sale sometime early Spring for another try. No one in the family wants the sofa. Have a matching upholstered chair that is even older. Belonged to my great, great grandfather and not sure how long he had it before that. I'll post chair in next post.

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Good luck with selling your sofa. I love the red velvet!

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Both of you might also try contacting interior decorators and antique stores in your areas. These are such taste-specific pieces that the market is more limited for them -- but the right buyer would be willing to pay a decent price for them. The decorators and shops may already have an interested customer.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I did make a few calls when I acquired the pieces, but to no avail.

Here is a close-up of chair. I have to say that i have real quilt not wanting to keep these pieces, especially after my mother made such a big deal over them before her death. However, they are just not me!

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a local church has a monthly antiques sale. it takes select donations and is a high quality sale with fair prices.

If you have something like that locally, you can donate the pieces for tax deduction of the appraised value. this is a benefit to the organization and you may actually end up with a greater benefit to yourself than if you dealt with craigslist.

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Good heavens!! Don't sell your great grandmother's beautiful furniture just because at this time it's "
not your thing" !!
How old are you? is there a possibility that your palate might be more educated in the future and you could see a way to use these things?
I am still angry....some 55 years later because I came home from school one day and found my mother had sold a lot of my grandmother's furniture and dishes, because she didn't like that "Victorian stuff". I told her I wanted it and she said where would I keep it?
50 years from now....someone may remember that lovely sofa and chair set....and sigh and said...but mother sold it....she said it wasn't her thing.
Dedicate a bedroom to Victorian antiques....and come back in 5 years and tell me you are not glad you kept it!

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LOL, Linda,
In 50 years, I will be gone! I am 55. I may be gone in 5...who knows.

I have a house full of my furniture, my parents furniture and my grandparents (both sides) furniture. I don't have a spare inch of space left to store, except in my basement. I would rather the pieces go to someone that will appreciate them NOW, and not have them sit in a basement to mildew.

None of my children care for the pieces. Nor do the other children and grandchildren. The pieces are low and uncomfortable to sit in - for the newer generation. We are, however, storing a couple of antique pieces that my adult children do like, but do not have room for now.

I do know what you mean about pieces getting sold that you liked as a child. My grandmother had a HUGE plush red velvet couch with the most comfortable cushions ever. You could get lost in them. I loved that couch both as a child and an adult. When my grandmother died, I asked about the couch and found out it had been given to an assignment shop and sold immediately! I was heartbroken. Those type of couches were very IN a couple of years ago, but I'll bet they were not made half as well as "our" red velvet couch.

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"The pieces are low and uncomfortable to sit in - for the newer generation"
I'm surprised to hear you say that, I find that modern couches are way too low for me to sit in with my arthritic knees- I can't get up. When I visit DD I sit on a dining chair rather than her couch.

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Thanks everyone. This particular loveseat is quite comfortable, and I won't mind keeping it if it doesn't sell. I'm too low tech for CL but I spoke with someone yesterday who is interested.

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I had one similar to Newhomebuilders, but with more carvings along the top in my shop. Finally sold it for $250. Victorian is hard to sell these days, at least in the MidAtlantic.

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