Volunteer FAQ Editor Needed

gwannouncementsNovember 8, 2010

We are looking for someone to help create an FAQ for this forum. While compiling information should be a group effort, one person would be charged with pulling it together into useful FAQs. This could mean a new document OR just pointing to helpful posts that are already on the forum. A good example of a helpful FAQ can be found here: Winter Sowing FAQ.

If you have a desire to make this forum even better, have good writing skills and work well with others, please reply to this thread or send us an email --Letters to Garden Web.

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Why no pay? Surely iVillage can afford to pay someone for this job.

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I was thinking the same thing. A neighbor of mine does that for a living and makes between 20-25 dollars an hour. She explained to me that web sites have a lot of advertisements because they get a kickback for everyone who just clicks on the link. She showed me one where the site gets 75 cents for each and every click onto their link, even if they don't buy. Thats why spammers are out there, it's the equivalent of those annoying sales calls where if they keep you on the line for 5 seconds or more, they get x number of cents and even dollars. The more people who visit a site means more possibilities of someone clicking on a link. I don't see anything wrong with that, I just wouldn't help someone get rich without something coming my way too.'

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This site is owned by ivillage which is owned by NBC Universal. The ad revenue is probably pretty healthy, and I figure that anyone writing a FAQ should get paid. "Volunteer" for NBC? Please.

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aw, but think of the 'glory' !! ;-)

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Fori is not pleased

Some of the other forums have had volunteer FAQs for a long time though. (Cooking forum I think.)

I don't think they are looking for a moderator. Just someone who knows the forum and can sticky useful topics to the FAQ. The kitchen forum, for example, has had people bumping and reposting an unsanctioned FAQ for a few years now and that forum community would really benefit from having that post glued down.

Wouldn't make much sense on this forum though.

Anyway, iVillage wouldn't get any more visitors if they had a volunteer FAQ. I think it's just for the benefit of the users. It's them offering to do US a favor. Doesn't really help or hurt them at all.

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I think the other posters are right, why work for free.

You can bet they'll get more visitors and more money!!!! That's what it's all about. Just who do you think the users are? Many people visit the site and never join, they just browse for information. Once here the chance they'll click on a link is very high. If you don't think it's about money then you have been fooled. Why do you think every web site has links to products and services...to make money.

The cost of a web site like this can get pretty high. Why would NBC Universal go through the expense of computer servers, paying fees to the search engine sites to be listed when someone does a search on a topic, paying web designers, purchasing and supporting software, internet connection fees, anti virus software and support, legal fees, personnel, just so it will benefit the few members here, at no cost? I think not. There's big bucks to be made in a site like this.

Maybe they'll give the volunteer a block of wood or a pretty piece of paper with their name on it in shiny ink? Oh yeah, who wouldn't want to do that for free. I'm certain the criticism, the frustration of uncooperative people, making the site much more organized to draw more people, solve many problems with no thanks or follow up courtesy....would be worth it for nothing.

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Fori is not pleased

And yet on other forums, users have BEGGED for this for years.

The costs and benefits are the same to the business with or without the volunteers. They already have the software. They already have volunteers on some forums.

It really doesn't make a difference to them, but it can make a difference to users.

I don't care. I don't have any ads appearing in my browser. And in spite of your implication, maryland irishman, I'm not stupid.

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Please accept my apologies if I came across implying you are stupid. I in no way intended that at all!!! I'm engaging in the conversation the same as you are and merely disagree with you and am voicing my reasons why. Sometimes things don't come across exactly the way they are intended when typing train of thought and creative writing isn't my forte.

The direction of this thread concerns people working for free for an entity that is making a profit from their efforts. I still agree with the other posters who agree the job should be a paid one. My opinion goes beyond what is in my own little world. I don't get pop up ads, would love to see better organization and so on. But I also realize there is an element of financial enhancement here. A web site that wants to draw people needs organization to make it easy to navigate, to give it integrity and to keep it up to date. This is real work that deserves compensation. When I click on a link at a web site, I know someone is going to make some change and I have no problem with that if it's something I am interested in. They may already have the software however, it must be supported and upgraded. Either they purchase these things or, they pay someone to do it. We know all the costs associated with hiring someone and it ain't cheap. My take on this is, if I could get someone to volunteer to organize portions of my business for free, I'd go for it in a heartbeat.

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Maryland--no one has been a paying member of GW for years.

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Will someone pleeeeeeease explain to me why it is when someone disagrees with a post, the person being disagreed with suddenly becomes a victim of an injustice? I re-read this post several times and saw no where where anyone made a reference to anyone being stupid, except from the person making the acclaim themselves.

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That's exactly my point. It takes money to run a site like this. They are making plenty of money from the site and don't need to charge anyone. All they need is more visitors with the type of interests common here, the more chances of people clicking on a link that pays x amount of money. Check out web sites everywhere. You'll notice some come right out and ask that people support the site by visiting a sponsors site. As soon as you click a link, they make money. You'll also see some that state "see how to make money by posting our link on your site". It's very similar to telemarketing and if it didn't pay off as telemarketing does, they wouldn't do it. Anyhow, I made my point and those who are in the know of where I'm coming from understand, those that don't, won't.

Let's face it, someone is going to take the job on, more power to them. I'll still support them, I just don't agree with the exploitation.

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I vote fori should do it. She won't have to invent insults, she'll get more than enough real ones from the population, and for no pay yet.

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