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nora8August 9, 2005

Wanted to check in and say hello to all. I am still trying to take things "one day at a time." Have moments when it hits me that...Mom is gone and I want her with me again...then reality hits and I know that she is resting with our Lord and comfort does come after I have my tears. I miss her so much!!! Breaks my heart to see how lonely and heartbroken my sweet Dad is...but he is trying so hard. It is overwhelming for me to not be able to do something to ease his pain....all I can do is pray and ask for comfort and peace for him and to just be with him and love him. My niece ask me yesterday...when you think of Grandmother do you think of her being sick are do you think of her before she was sick...told her that I see Mom when she was sick...we had 9 years of her having alz. and the last several years were us taking care of her every needs...she said that she sees Mom before she was sick...laughing with her beautiful smile and she can remember the blouse she had on. We had a good cry and then talked about how blessed we all were. Mom was a lady...she gave so much love to all of us. Time...and God's grace will ease this pain. I do hope and pray all is well with everyone. Just don't get on this puter to daughter is a grad. student and has so much homework...she uses it most of the time. Take care and God Bless everyone. Nora

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Nora, try to remember your mother as she would have wanted to be remembered. That would be your final gift to her. I am sure that she would not have wanted your thoughts of her to be those that were of her illness.

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Dear Nora... After Daddy went home to be with the Lord, God gave me a dream of him sitting near the kitchen door smiling at me as I walked into the house. His face was radiant and healthy, and his smile was incredible. I said, "Daddy, how can you be..." and immediately woke up. How thankful I've been for that dream. Dad had cancer, and his body had melted away... His passing was about 5 years ago, and for the longest time all I could "see" was the process of his sickness and decline... getting up at night with him... his difficulty breathing... But, thank God, I now am able to focus on that beautiful, smiling, happy face and know that he is healthy, whole, and wonderfully happy with our Lord.

God never gave me that dream with Mother, so it's hard for me to get beyond the painful memories of her years of suffering and care... But I know that she is healthy and whole and in glory with the Lover of her soul. In our many conversations together she would often say she never could have made it through life if it hadn't been for Jesus. We have to hold onto the truths in the Bible and know that "all is well" in His love and care. As you said, "Time...and God's grace will ease this pain."

Your parents had a very special love relationship... A very beautiful thing... May God bless and comfort your precious dad. ~breezy

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PB and Breezy, Thanks for your thoughts....Mom would never want me to think about just the times of her being sick...and I do think about so many beautiful memories and visions of her when she was well. I wished I could have that special dream...Breezy....I have heard so many talk about their loved one coming to them in a dream....there is much comfort in knowing Mom is with the Lord...never hurting...peace beyond what I can ever imagine. Bless you all. Nora

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I, too, was blessed with a dream after my dad died..he's been gone now for 41 years; I was thirteen at the time. A few week's after he died, I had a dream that I was walking in a park and before me, there was a small grassy hill. I started to walk up the hill and noticed a man sitting there smiling at me. It was my dad, but he had shoulder length hair, although it was still gray ... my dad was fifty one when he died and had very short hair. Nevertheless, it was my dad and I walked up to him and said "what are you doing here?" and he smiled at me and said "I just want you to know that whenever you need me, you can call is my phone number." and he handed me a piece of paper. When I woke up, I ran to the phone and dialed the was out of service. As I said, that dream was forty one years ago and I can visualize it like it was yesterday

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Dear Nora,
From what you've told us of your sweet Mother you were very lucky to have had the gift of being her daughter. She, also, of course to have had YOU. I still think of her being in the swing.

Bless you, Sharlee

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Sharlee, I also think often of Mom in her swing...she so loved to swing and I often go out and swing and think about all the wonderful time I had with her. You have had so much on your plate dear is so very hard...isn't it. Just tonight a friend called and we were talking about how Mom was ready to go home and be with the Lord. I will keep you and your Mom in prayer. Nora

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Nora, do you have some grandbabies with you? Will any be starting school soon? What are you doing with all of your dad's tomatoes? I'm searching for ideas now that I'm getting more than we can eat and give away! :) I pray you and your dad have a blessed day. ~breezy

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Breezy, My daughter and I took the two girls home last week-end. These last two weeks of grandbabies has been wonderful for us and my Dad really enjoyed having them here. They love to go down and watch Animal Plant with him. LOL The first week I had Joel and Meredith...he is 6 and she is 2...Dad and I took them home and stayed a few days...Dad planted a few things and he so enjoyed seeing their new home. Brought back Emma..7 and Lydia..4 for their stay. It was good for my daughter also....she got her time to do a few things needed around the house...hard to get things done with 4.LOL Just went out yesterday and picked a wagon full of tomatoes....called friends to give them some and couldn't find anyone at home...had to go by pharmacy so took 3 people there some...then went to walmart and bought pint jars and fixins to make salsa. Made a batch last night....will try it tonight and if it is good will post and share. Do you eat salsa?? Also had a load of green peppers...cook them with onions and kilbaske sauage for dinner....this taking care of veggies out of the garden keeps me busy. Thought of my dear Mom...when I was a kid she would work all day and come in an can at night...I use to help her. Dad just called up and he is going out to cut the okra...guess we will have fried okra for dinner. He has an apportment with his doctor today so we have a big sack to take him. We try to give away and family loves BLT sandwiches. Take care and I also pray your day is full of blessings. Nora P.S. my daughter home schools.

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Dear Nora, i don't have anyone really that close that i have lost, so i cannot relate to what you are going through, i do, however, know how much you loved your dear Mother! I do tell my kids to think of something each day, before their dad (Al) became sick and remember all the Fun things that we used to do, be it a walk or him coaching them sports to picking them up or even going to the college where he worked to see his office. i betcha your Mother is looking down at you right now, and is saying look at that fine young woman i brought up!
on a happier note, i must say that i am jealous of everyone out there that has tomatoes, can you believe i may have had 12 blossoms and maybe 3 tomatoes which are the size of marbles right now (i did the miricle grow stuff)also i plant beans all kinds all colours, -- on the pole beans i have 2 beans total on about 20 plants! i think it's because of the heat we've had, -- it's finally raining right now, which is good for the forest fires, since you can smell them from about 200 miles away in the city here and everything looks really foggy, and breathing is hard. i also feel sorry for all the animals. debbie

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Nora, it sounds like your dad has a huge garden! It's keeping both of you busy! :) I like salsa but have never tried making it. Mother used to make tomato juice and also jars of tomatoes for sauces. I don't know how our mothers did so much work, and they didn't even have the modern conveniences we have... I'm glad you have some grandbabies with you. What beautiful names they have... They are a blessing for you and your dad particularly at this time. My neighbor homeschools her children, and they're lovely and bright. I spent yesterday cutting hedges and the yard. Today a number of churches set up booths in the park for a day of praise and worship. There were a lot of good musical groups throughout the day and evening. We didn't sell anything-just did a lot of fun activities with the children for free. I really enjoyed it, but am ready for bed! :) I pray God blesses you with a good night's rest... You're making beautiful memories with your grandbabies. ~breezy

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