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ginnierAugust 5, 2008

My folks are ready for the nursing home, what all do I need to pack for them and what should I NOT take?? I figure 10 days worth of clothes. I have looked real quick for a site on the internet but haven't found it yet. Thought you guys would be quicker. :)

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Outer and under garments, shoes, socks, meds, personal care items, hearing aids, glasses, do they read? Bible, books, magazines. Family photos. anything the requires for daily living.


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If you are going to let the nursing home do the laundry then I would take as many clothes as possible! They tend to not get clothes back to residents in a timely manner. Plus many times they are given to other residents "by mistake". Do make sure all are labeled with their name in an obvious spot so they have no excuse for not getting them back to them. I do the laundry for my mom and brother as they have some nice clothes that would be ruined if the home did them.

They need things to make them feel "at home", you can take bedspreads, lamps and furniture (if there is enough space in the room).

Don't let them have cash in the room, set up a resident trust account so if they need money they can access it.

Shoes, comfortable easy on and off...........good soles if they can still walk. Walking type shoes are prefered by most homes but a good pair is nice, especially for the ladies when they want to get "dressed up" more.

For my mom I made sure she had her brush, mirror, a litte make-up and moisture cream. Also she wanted a litte jewelry, but I made sure I itemized and took pictures so there would be proof of what was in there. I am lucky to have mom and brother in a nice home where they don't steal from the residents, but many nursing homes are not this nice.

Just sit back and think about what YOU would want. This is going to be their Home now so they need to feel comfortable.

Don't forget jackets and coats!! Most nursing homes have outings and they will need coats on cold/cool days.

If they are use to using fragrance's then by all means make sure they have thier favorites available.

That's all I can think of now, but will post more as I think of it...........

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Are you planning to do all their laundry? If not, make sure that everything is washable. Sew in name labels. Make sure that everything is easy to get on and off. Elastic band pants and skirts are better for the women than those with zippers. Two piece outfits are better than a dress. Men need pants that don't require a belt. Bathrobe and sleeping clothes. Long sleeve shirts and blouses that can be worn all seasons usually work better than short sleeves.

Wait to see how the place is heated and cooled before you pack things like sweaters and coats. You can take those later as the weather changes.

Don't pack odds and ends like jewelry. If they need watches, buy a cheap one. Things like that have a way of getting misplaced. My mother kept hiding her rings and watch because she was afraid someone would get them. Then we would have the hunt to find them because she couldn't remember where she put them. It wasn't always in her room. We never did find her rings the last time. Did someone take them? We'll never know, but it was an expensive set.

Take just the bare essentials to begin with. Then add other things as you see that they are needed.

Ask about medications. Some homes prefer to administer medications by the staff to prevent too much or too little.

If the home is air conditioned, a light extra blanket for the bed is sometimes needed. If either is in a wheelchair, a lap robe is useful.

Don't worry too much about it right now. Just plan on three or four days. By then, you'll see what is needed. Then take more. Space for clothing may be limited, so the amount for ten days may be much too much.

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Thanks everybody! I know these things, but it helps to see them in print. I just called my mom and she said she can't do it; and I know that since she's still relatively mentally sound that she will have the most objections in the long run. Dad has Alz. and will do what we say when it comes to the move.

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I always make sure there is a "season" approiate jacket on hand so it can be worn if the weather changes. When mom went to Phipps Conservatory on a outing she wore a "fancy" outfit, LOL! it is a Quacker Factory with Sparkles but it has a jacket and she was glad in some parts that she had one on.....others were chilly at times.
My brother has pants with zippers and shorts also.......none of the nursing homes has had a problem with zippers and he was in several different ones.

My mom has a couple bras on hand also.......but only wants one on when they are going on an outing......after all these years she finally realized how comfy it is NOT to have one on!LOL!!!!!

My mom and brother both have watches.....abliet not expensive ones, but they really enjoy knowing what time it is. Mom also has an gold bracelet she wears all the time, I left orders it is never to be taken off except by me. They have not touched it and she loves having her "bling". I just check it from time to time to make sure the clasp is okay..........
The best way to find out about the home is talk to the families of other residents........they will tell you the good and the bad so you can base some decisions on their responses. I have a beautiful quilt on mom's bed and when the weather turns cold again I will take back her down blanket which is light weight but warm. Also have a lamp from home on her bedside table....she loves this lamp. Plus I have hung things on the wall so it feels cozy. Most homes will let you decorate the room however you want

I have not been in a nursing home yet that was cold in the winter.....mosty are unbearably hot of the visitors, but comfy for the residents.

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You can order iron-on name labels that are pre-printed; they are easier and faster than trying to write on everything with a permanent marker. But some clothes will still get lost (where DO they all go??)

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(where DO they all go??) Often they go home with the staff members, other times they go to other residents. At one of the homes my brother was in I went in to get his laundry one day.........noticed some of his really good shirts were missing. I went on a hunt for them, couldn't find them anywhere, including the laundry. I went to file a complaint with the proper person at the home, she tried to "poo-poo" it, then in a tone I did not care for said "well, in order to get paid you have to prove how much the shirts cost" I looked her in the eye, smiled and said "well, they were purchased at a high end store and this store keeps records of every thing their customers purchase......forever!" She went a tad pale, but still tried to blow it off as nothing. I finally stood up and as I was leaving turned around and said "well darlin' you have one week to find his clothes before I file a police report for theft" Within 2 days all his clothes returned and were never touched again! Some times ya gotta get tough! LOL!

The nursing home he and mom are in now is so different, they have not stolen his clothes. However the problem comes because "laundry" is usually under staffed and over worked. If one is not going to do laundry it is advisable to make sure the resident has as many clothes as their closet will hold because it can take a while to get the clean ones back. In which case the resident is reduced to wearing one of those lovely gowns. And even if doing the laundry what if something happens and you can't get in..the more clothes the better. Plus, one more thought, what right do we have to take away our loved ones right to have enough clothes to be able to chose their outfits each day.

BTW, in my experience the staff puts the residents in those gowns every night to sleep in.....they do not put them in nightgowns from home. I had several of mom's in there but ended up bringing them home as they were never used.

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