Informal dining room. Location and size?

ILoveRedJanuary 27, 2014

We are in the preliminary design stage with our architect.

Right now we have 3 eating spaces...our island, breakfast room, and formal dining room (which is rarely used).

I have always had a formal dining room. I do not want a formal dining room in the new house. I do want an informal dining space large enough to accommodate a large farm table and an extra table if necessary during holiday entertaining. On the other hand I do not want the space to be so large that it is cold and uncozy (for lack of a better word) for everyday dining.

Please share the size...dimensions...of your space.

Is it between the kitchen and great room? Is it at the back of the house? I guess I would really love to see this part of your plan if you are really pleased with it.

Example...look at the pic I posted. This is something I really like. I have no idea about dimensions. This dining area is 14x14. I doubt that it is large enough if it is the only dining space. But, how large should a space like this be?

I know there is a thread similar to this and I have spent hours on Houzz. I really want to know what you have done.


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red_lover-I have been thinking about you and wondering how things were coming with your architect timing and possible delays! I will share mine as that is actually a part of the plan that I really enjoy and it looks like it will work out well. Ours is 13x13 which is a nice size for us 95% of the time. I think 14x14 sounds fine really, not too large to feel cold but can fit a sizable amount of people.

P.S. I like the size of your great room. I feel like the 16' dimension in ours is tight with furniture and traffic patterns.

I thought I might have a good pic of it drywalled but I don't. Here is one that is the best I have. Dh did not want it in between the living and kitchen. He felt like you would always be walking around the table. If sized appropriately I do not agree. Anyhow ours is at the back but bumped off the kitchen. I like that it's open but yet a little secluded and the angled wall helps in allowing to adjust the table for expansion if need be.

Standing in the foyer. Photobucket issues, I will try to repost this pic later. I re-sized it and it's still making the text funky. Sorry.

The Plan:

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Trying for the pic again from a different computer. View from foyer:

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Thanks Autumn. I really like your plan. I can see why your husband is concerned about the placement in the plan I posted. It has crossed my mind that every time you need to go to the great room from the kitchen and vice versa you will have to cut through the dining not sure.

That is not actually my plan but a piece of a plan that was done by my architect. Just trying to figure out if I want that casual of a layout or not.

Again I like your layout and I appreciate your advice. Your spaces look quite large in that second picture. Looks like you are moving along quickly. Very exciting.

We wanted to be building by spring. This is our second architect. So not going to happen. But I would rather go slow and get it right. So trying not to be disappointed.

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