Motorcycle wooden model? need help identifying

erikvarelaNovember 8, 2012

so this was my second pick i bought the other day. As soon as i saw it i fell in love with the item, its so detailed and just an amazing piece.. the pictures used inside are basically telling the story on what a bike rider in the 60s would be like. there are no names or any info so i was wondering if anyone knows or has seen anything like this.. also if im in the wrong sections or you are aware of another site please feel free to let me know. thank you.

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second image

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third image

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last image

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I have seen a similar display case at our local McDonald's restaurant. The decoration in this restaurant is Elvis Presley themed. I am not sure, but I think the model is of a hardtail Harley with springer fork circa 1940s. In hardtails, the rear wheel has no supension spring and depends soley on a soft, fat, rear tire. A large seat spring adds a bit more shock isolation for the rider. The front end of the seat is hinged.

During WW2, both Harley and Indian made motorcycles with 2 cylinder V engines. The Indian was a roughly similar to Harley and from a distance could be mistaken for a Harley. These bikes were made for the US Army and it was desired by the military to have at least 2 suppliers for many items it purchased, hence, Indian was commissioned to produce a Harley-like copy. Older V-2 Indians made in the 1920s had a unique suspension system that was made with leaf springs.

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well from looking for more detail i havent been able to find any motorcycle brand anywhere.. the only thing that it says underneath the motorcycle is, "customized 1936 motorbike with the famous start and stripes"

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The shape of the tank (teardrop) and the fenders ... It's a late 1940s or early 1950s Harley Davidson.

See this:

You would have to work on identifying the people and locales in the pictures. They look like stills from "The Wild One" - a biker picture from 1953.

It may have been a "faux memorabilia" thing made up as decor, rather than something made for a specific person. What do the small plaques say?

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well each little area is described as to what the picture shows.. " bikers have their own dresscode, language and insignia" "schrader gallon type pressure gage" and some pictures of "EASY RIDERS"... what would something like this be worth? i paid 60 dollars for it, and have been offered 250 but its too nice for me to sell it..

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that is exactly the same one i bought.. only difference is my piece still has the goggles inside and the one sold did not.. thank you very much im contacting them to see what my item is valued at, it is going to look great in my room.. thanks again lazygardens..

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Did you find any info on this as I have one too but my jacket says Live to ride. I have seen this one and another that had a hells angels jacket. My pictures are the same on the goggle side but on the jacket side I have capitalist tools balloon image and a golden state Glendale HOG chapter image. I live in Australia and have been trying to find out about it for about 2 years now and havent found anything.

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