A bad day for all of us here

rebeccaalbreitAugust 9, 2006

Update on Grandpa.... It is almost 1am here and I am still up and still can't shaking from our horrible day. My husband and I went out to see him and try to talk to him yet again. He was outside with a weed eater in his hands. He just took one look at us and went balistic. He said to get the F off his property and then came after us with the weed eater. My husband told him we just wanted to talk to him and to calm down. He shut it off and then just started screaming crazy stuff at us. He said my husband never visited his Mother's grave. He just kept rattling off crazy stuff like this. I told him to calm down and he told me to shove something up my A__. He came at me and hit me before my husband could grab him. I headed for the house to call 911. He came after me with my husband trying to hold him back. They got into the kitchen and were wrestling. Grandpa was winning because my husband didn't want to hurt him. He finally had to pin him down on the ground until 7 cop cars came and the paramedics. My husband is covered in bruises. It was the most horrifying experience of my life. I can't stop crying. I have never seen such rage in my entire life. And for no apparent reason...... He is delusional and thinks we are out to get him. We kept telling him we just are trying to help him.

Anyway, we sat at the hospital all day. We didn't want to see him and he didn't want to see us. He got there and started acting all nice. We kept telling them he wanted to kill both of us. I really think he would have killed us had he gotten the chance. He was going for a knife in the kitchen. I can't stop shaking.

Then the ER doc said he is going to let him go home because he isn't acting crazy to him. We all got hysterical and called an attorney. Luckily we got one to return our call and he convinced them to admit him. I can't rest now for fear in the morning when he sees a phyciatrist they will send him home. He said he is going to take the F ing car and run it through our living room. The attorney said he will file for emergency guardianship and not to worry. If they were going to let him out earlier what's to keep them from letting him out in the morning? I am just horrified at all this.

My husband is also very upset because it is his Father. It's hard to take seeing your Father come at you with intent to kill with so much hate and anger.

We are both almost 60. I have diabetes and my numbers are sky high tonight and his blood pressure is way high. This is so sad.

Then we have to go through this bright and early tomorrow morning. Everyone keeps telling me they are not going to let him out but I am not sure and I am terrified.

Thanks everyone for your help. Rebecca

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Did they admit him as in involuntary or voluntary - ie: did he sign himself in or did you fill out a petition? (The police may have also filled out the petition.) Did you file a complaint with the police? Yes, it is your husband's father, and you can later ask to have the charges dropped, but you need to get the assault on record.

Are the guns out of the house? Snag the car keys while you are at it.

You can call the facility where he is being kept. They may not be able to give you any information r/t HIPPA (confidentiality laws). Tell them that's fine, you understand that they can not give you infor, but you would like to give them some information. I know that my ear would be glued to the phone. Tell them what has been going on, and what steps you are taking with the attorney. Don't threaten to sue the doc or anything like that if they let him out; just make sure that you tell them that he has been threatening and assaulting you and others.

Good luck to you.

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He really really needs to be hospitalized until they can determine what causes his lost of control. It is possible that it is something correctable.

A personal story coming up. Back before the days of MRIs, and other fancy diagnostic tools, an uncle started have temper episodes which got worse and worse. Years later, when he was in his seventies, the tempers were not as big a problem, an MRI was available. It showed a place where he had been hit in the head (he had been in an auto accident...did it happen then?) a little brain damage had been done, but the cracked bone continued to create more pressure, there was sort of a clot that grew. Had it been found when he was much stronger and younger, years of suffering for his family could have been avoided.

So, it's possible that something as simple as that could be the problem. If so, it will be found and there will be relief. Tell your husband to look for the GOOD possibilities too. All is not completly lost!

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Rebecca, you've been given some good advice in both threads. I hope you're not using your real name... If you are, I suggest you register again, use a fictitious name, and start a new thread.

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How did yesterday go? I sure hope things have settled down a bit for you and your husband.

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Hi Rebecca... I've been away and just found your email. I replied to it, but it was returned as undeliverable. You haven't posted in quite a while. Some people use their real names on an internet forum, and others don't. On the other hand there are some people who are constantly changing their names on the forums! :) Please just ignore my post. You're going through a most difficult time right now, and everyone is anxious to hear how everything is going with Grandpa... I pray that they've taken his condition seriously in the hospital and are able to help him. Please keep us informed. May God bless and encourage you and give you and your loved ones peace. ~abreeze

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rebeccaalbreit, How are things going?

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