Senior Medical Alert System

hardyalex011August 3, 2010

My mother had a fall 2 months before. She had a home alarm system from one of the local companies available in our area. But then they were of no good. Now i was planning to give her some personal emergency system, which is easy to use and reliable at any point of time. Can somebody who has experience with a good company and product give me a suggestion?

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The non-profit senior agency that I work for recommends Lifeline which is available thru the volunteer guild at the local hospital. My client gets a call every day just to ask her how she is, and her price is only $25 a month, but that's a sliding scale, and it can be as high as $35 depending on income.

Call your local hospital or ask your mother's doctor. Use a system that is well know in her area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifeline

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I would just get her a prepaid cell like T-Mobile to go. I keep mine in my pocket or attached to my waist band at all times. You could put your number on the speed dial as 1 and 911 as 2. It runs $7 or $8 a month with no contract or extra charges. I buy a thousand minutes ($100.)once a year to keep from having to worry about forgetting to renew and losing my number. They roll over the minutes. I broke my arm almost 2 years ago and even with that I had a terrible time getting to the phone. Every step was screaming pain. If I had broken my leg I would probably have died there. That is when I started wearing my phone.

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Lifealet is the most common in our area. My DM's cousin has another "basic" company that just has a button to push, there's no voice contact. She fell a year ago and since they didn't know her condition/status they dispatched every Emergency Response Vehicle you can imagine, including a high-ladder truck & a fire-cannon truck. Help! They broke her security screen and door in because she couldn't tell them where the lock-box was hiding the key. She was fine, but oh the frustrated panic. Much to the whole family's disgust, she still has the same company.

I'm trying to talk her into using CTAP, California Telephone Access Program, which is totally free and provides a button, necklace or wrist, that has up to 6 pre-programed numbers and acts as a speaker phone. So she can choose which pre-programed number to tell it to dial and talk to the person at the other end. #1 is usually 911, so they have to be thinking half straight to dial anyone else. Any where that doesn't offer CTAP, i would recommend LifeAllert.

check with AARP. They may have the services in your area rated on a list. l.marie

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Check with your local hospitals. There may be one or more that is directly connected to a Medical Alert System. This can be very helpful. Our local one also checks everyday.

It's important that a Service will respond even when the person hasn't pushed a button or called. Silence is also a good sign that something bad may have happened.

Yes, being called everyday can be a big nuisance, but if the person is in a condition where they need an Alert System, they need one that works even it they can't

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