Advanced directives

fairegoldJuly 9, 2005

When Mother had xrays in the ER in May, I gave them a full copy of the advanced directives. That was May 2.

Today, when we went thru the ER and she got admitted, they couldn't find the paper work, and got another copy.

This evening, 5 hours later, I called the nurse's station, and they told me to bring in a copy of the AD because they didn't have one on file.

Lesson here: do not assume that because you have papered the entire town with copies of your POA or advanced directives, that they ever get into the proper file/paperwork/whatever.

This is one of the most high-tech hospitals anywhere, too, including NASA connections and little robots. I think I'll give them an earful when all this is over with.

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Thanks for the reminder. I always say that I have one, but, in truth, I couldn't tell you where it is. I need to get it updated, etc. and copies made and placed where my DH can get it.

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Yeah, this got misplaced between Admitting and the 4th Floor. With a 95 yr old patient, it should have been hand-carried with her. Sigh.

Off to the hosputal right now to see how things are going.


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I carried copies of the Advance Directives for my parents in my car and kept a copy at work, there was no way I would have gone anywhere without them. Any visit to an ER or new physician, I had them in my hands.

Good luck with your mom.

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Gee, thanks for the heads up. I think I will get extra copies made and make sure all the relatives have them etc. I never know who will end up taking mom to the er if I happen to be out of town etc. I have a friends who is actually a nurse and put the paper work clipped to the bottom of the bed in plain sight and they were still not that is another thing to watch for. I guess we have to be constantly vigilant.

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We scanned our original, and then it was filed in our computer. This way, anytime we needed a copy we could just print one out.

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Good advice! it seems to that it doesn't matter what country we live in or high teck that hospital is, Al too had papers missing. it seems before he was admitted to emerg 3 weeks before they had no record of his stay. but for some strange reason i had his last discharge papers in my purse and gave them to them. i also told them i wanted them back and they could make a copy for their records. i had to almost beg to get them back. also you know when you get a prescription filled there is another paper which shows the patients med. history and the pills they take i started putting a more recent copy in my purse too, well it seems that this is not good enough for the hospital (they have the dosage, strength and time to take them) they want you to bring the pills into the hospital. now i realize why i'm so burnt out, it's because if i don't do it, it won't get done. it does amaze me that they can bill you right away and have no problem getting this to you right away. enjoy your day, it's going to be a hot one again - 98 or so deb

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