thinking of all of you!

heydeborahJuly 29, 2007

hi everyone! i still check in daily to see what is going on in all of your lives. things here are really different, without Al, and not a minute goes by that i'm not thinking about him. i also visit him daily. we are in a heat wave here it's still 95 at 10 pm, so i feel sorry for all of you who do not live by a lake (we live 6 blocks from lake superior, and we are not benefiting from that lake breeze!). matthew and carley made it throught their birthdays without Al, but we made sure that we spent extra time telling him about the day. Gracie Joy Devine is almost 8 months old and weighs a huge 6.8 ibs! (for you who are new here gjd is a puppy Al gave me before he passed). it's weird having time, and not hurrying but i'd give those up in a flash just to have Al back. i hope you're all having a good summer so far, and i think of you my dear friends alot!


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Connie Kru

Hi Deb,
Sounds like you are doing ok and the kids too. It is never easy but when you can make the best of what you have it is better than bemoaning what you don't have.
I am busy with butterflies, baby blue birds and even had a woodcock in my garden today.
Oh and the Grandkids are keeping me busy too.
I hope some other oldtimers will check in and let us know how they are doing.

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Sure is good to hear from you. Just keep on plugging away. Those kids of yours still need you and so does that fur baby.

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I posted infrequently in the last 2 yrs but I too check back occasionally. I was primary caregiver to both parents until live in help became necessary. We had a marvelous family friend take on the challenge with me, along with a part time daytime person. Mom died last Sept after being diagnosed with lung cancer Feb . Dad fellthe day after she died, went to ER, got staph or MERS?sp and never recovered. He also died at home about 5 wks after mom. It has been a struggle to get back to a "normal" life but it getting better. We have our first cruise ever planned for Oct 08. DH gets his other knee replaced this fall(it should have been done last fall but my folks required all my attention.

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