can we have a circle again?

heydeborahJuly 15, 2005

hello dear, dear friends, i was hoping that we could have a prayer circle for our friends who have lost a dear family member (Nora and her family), Helene who's mom, i hope will be on a mend! and all our other friends. seems things are going good for Al (it must be that fresh air, we're making him get, whether he likes it or not - lol), for all our children and their spouses. also for all the forest fires that we seem to have here, and for people who can't beat this heat. Sunday, night at 9 pm i hope you will all join in. as always no need to sign in, just be there and join in. have a wonderful weekend, and drive carefully! debbie

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Always a good thing, debbie! :)

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I'm there! Thanks for thinking of Mother. I like to think that our united energy is the Secret to our strength.


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I will be with you prayer...Mimi

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just now reading this, but joined you all in prayer, just a little late! DianePA

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Just checking in and Deb bless you!!! The Lord said that when 2 or more gather and ask in my name it shall be done!!! Amen

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Diane how are you doing? is it hot where you are too! seems i got a little sick from our hot weather, not nice to say but i can use the rest! i really don't think it matters, i know He knows that you are part of this special little family we have here!
we had a thunder storm last night so i'm off to see if any plants were damaged, take care and stay cool, everyone! deb

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